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Giant Bomb

What is Giant Bomb?
Giant Bomb is the bigger and deadlier version of Bomb. It is a bit expensive to use but the damage and damage radius are really worth the cost. With November 2013 updates, you can upgrade your Giant Bomb for more damage output and bigger damage radius.
Clash of Clans Trap
When you’re looking for a Big Boom, you need the Giant Bomb.
Giant Bomb level 1-2 / level 3-4

Similar to Bomb, Giant Bomb stays hidden until enemy walk close to it. When enemy reach Giant Bomb’s trigger radius, it appears and shortly explode itself dealing huge amount of damage in an area around itself.
Clash of Clans Trap

 Giant Bomb Fact
Trigger radius = 2 Tiles
Damage type = Area Splash
Favorite Target = Any
Targets = Ground
Clash of Clans Trap

Giant Bomb is great to use for the battle between high level Town Halls, it can instantly kill any small troops including Wizard. It also helps reduce some hit points of Giant group which makes your defense buildings to kill them off faster.

Defense Tactics for Giant Bomb

1) Outside you base
Place Giant Bomb outside you Wall help kill some incoming attacker before they can reach your base. The risk is that it will be useless to trigger by lone Barbarian or Archer that just walking pass.

2) Behind first layer of Wall
When attacker breakthrough the Wall, the troop will be funneled together. One big boom is generally good enough to weaken attacker’s army.

3) Key location
Place near Town Hall if you care about trophy. Place near Storage if you want to wipe out horde of Goblin. Sometimes, place Giant Bomb near key defense building like Inferno Tower or X-Bow is also good to protect them from getting swarmed by tier 1 troops.

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What is Bomb?
Bomb is your first accessible Trap in the game. It is very cheap, and that’s why it deals very little damage. With November 2013 updates, you can upgrade your Bomb for more damage output.
Clash of Clans Trap
Nothing says ‘STAY OUT’ quite like a good old-fashioned hidden bomb.
Bomb level 1-2 / level 3-4 / level 5

Bomb stays hidden until enemy walk close to it. When enemy reach Bomb’s trigger radius, it appears and shortly explode itself dealing small damage in an area around itself.
Clash of Clans Trap

 Bomb Fact
Trigger radius = 1 Tiles
Damage type = Area Splash
Favorite Target = Any
Targets = Ground
Clash of Clans Trap

For the battle between low level Town Halls, these little Bomb are ok for dealing damage to low level troops like Barbarian and Archer. However, these Bomb deal insignificant damage to strong troop such as Giant and P.E.K.K.A.

Defense Tactics for Bomb
1) All for One – One for All
Place all of your Bombs together in one location, preferably at the location where enemy are likely to attack your base. This tactic allows all Bombs to explode together dealing cumulative damage, for example, 6 Bombs can deal lethal damage to Wizard.

2) Dual Bomb
Because Archer is the most prevalent troop in the game, place 2 upgraded Bombs together can effectively kill group of Archer. Place them at key location to kill 5-10 Archers can help weaken attacking army.

3) Interrupt troop movement
When Bomb explodes, it temporarily stops movement of any small troop in that area. Place in front of Storages can shortly stop Goblin from stealing your Resouce which allow Mortar or Wizard to kill them off. Place in front of Wall one space apart can stop Wall Breaker from destroying the Wall which allow Canon or Archer Tower enough time to kill them.

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Trap Upgrade

Trap is part of your defense, such as Bomb, Big Bomb, Air Mine.

Coming with Nov 2013 update; All Explosive Bombs are now upgradable! This can be game changer for both attack and defense tactics.
Trap Upgrade

Trap Upgrade Facts!
  • All explosive traps will have upgrade levels.
  • Initial upgrade levels are unlocked as you buy the traps from the shop, so this is for almost everyone.
  • Traps are individually upgraded using Builders to maximize potential strategy.
  • Upgrade times and costs are relatively short if compared to building upgrades.
  • Different trap types have different upgrades: Damage, radius..
  • Traps cannot be sold anymore.
  • Traps under upgrade are visible to enemies which is similar to Hidden Tesla.
  • Attacker can deploy troops on top of traps when traps are under upgrade.

Trap User Guide
  • After a trap is triggered, it stays right where it was, but its status is “Triggered”.
  • After a trap has been triggered, it needs to be re-armed.
  • You don’t need an available Builder to re-arm the traps
  • Upgrade levels don’t disappear when traps are triggered.
  • Re-arming traps cost gold. Re-arm cost increases when the trap is upgraded.
  • You can re-arm all traps with one button OR re-arm traps one-by-one.
  • Bombs explode faster. This helps you catch up with Hog Rider speed.
Clash of Clans

Stay tuned for more details!

CoC Nov Sneek Peek!

November updates is coming very soon.

Unveil the tiny but scary monster, Goblin level 6!
Never forget your wallet again, nor anyone else's. Level 6 Goblin, the infamous goldmonger, has been spotted in a Village near you!
Brace your Storages with care, most effective farming troop are visiting your village soon.
Level 6 Goblin unlocks on Town Hall level 10!
Clash of Clans

Create Spells with Elixir!
Gold saving innovation in Laboratory!! Spells are soon made with Elixir!
Meet the game changer. Be happy if you have Elixir overflow after complete all other Elixir upgrades.
Clash of Clans

Trap Upgrade
Sick of puny bombs? Soon you can upgrade all of your explosive traps to blow up your foes BIG TIME!!

  • Bombs explode faster
  • All exploding bombs are upgradable
  • Bombs are upgraded individually using builders to maximize potential strategy
  • Traps will be right where you had placed them, so when someone has triggered your traps, you can either re-arm all (one button) OR you can re-arm them individually
  • Initial upgrade levels are unlocked as you get the traps, so this is for almost everyone
  • Final upgrade times are no long in comparison to other upgrades
Clash of Clans

Meet new version of old toy
Archer Tower level 12
Just when you thought Archers couldn't get any hotter, they go and set their arrows on fire!

Continue with the fire & lava theme of Town Hall level 10, Archers on the tower are now shooting fire arrows. Whether the targets are flying lizard or jumping pig, they will all be burned!

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Speculation on Archer Tower level 12
DPS = 87 damage per second
HP = 780
Upgrade Cost 7,500,000 Gold
Upgrade Time 8 days

New Clan Feature
24 hours Limit
No more spam! This frequently requested addition will help you run your clan. Players who are Kicked out of or Rejected from clans are automatically banned from that clan for 24 hours. Leaders and Elders can Invite banned players.
Clash of Clans

Game Balance
Loot multiplier for 2 or more levels lower Town Hall will be reduced. The biggest effect will be when using Lightning spell on Dark Elixir Storage.
For example, Town Hall level 8 will get less resource attacking Town Hall level 10.

Seeking Air Mines now cost Gold instead of Dark Elixir. Air raid will be harder than before, careful with your army of Dragon, Balloon & Minion!

Hog Rider’s hitpoints were decreased by 5%
Mass Hog Riders is discouraged once again. Can Mr. T and his pig live through this update? Only time will tell.

Check out here later, there're more!

September Update: Village Edit Mode

Clash of Clans: September Updates V5.2 Village Edit Mode

Brand New Feature! Village Edit Mode
Building your base just got so easy. Now you can save your precious time for raiding, building your clan.
  • You can pick up all buildings and walls at once and design your village from a clean slate
  • Quick and precise building placement by dragging from inventory
  • Place many walls at once by selecting a wall piece, then dragging along the wall guide markers
  • Village Edit Mode is unlocked after you reach Town Hall level 4
Easy way to count how many walls you have for total and for each level! Just pick up everything and look in your inventory.

In edit mode, while it says “Save” button, you cannot save any layout for future use. It actually is “Submit” button and your village will automatically use that new layout instead.
Clash of Clans

Halloween is coming!
The Troops are trebling! Spells are flying out of the factory! All you can hear is the flap, flap, flap of wings in the night. Halloween Decorations, traps, and more Spooky stuff are coming to haunt your village.
New Pumpkin bomb for more booms!
Clash of Clans

Halloween special!
Boogeymen at work: for a time, Spell Factory boosting will be vastly longer (12 hours) and for only 1 gem!
Clash of Clans

New Mortar level 8
A ring of bling with a boom to make your ears ring. Run for cover, Chief!
Clash of Clans

Mortar level 8 Fact
DPS = 13 damage per second
HP = 670
Upgrade Cost 6400000 Gold
Upgrade Time 10 days

New clan features
  • New troop request indicator in Clan chat: tap the little green indicator to scroll up/down to the next pending troop request
  • Changed Elder Kick cooldown to be 20 minutes
Game Balance

  • Valkyrie has been lifting weights, brah – Large DPS increase for all levels
Valkyrie level 1 Attack increased from 65 to 88
Valkyrie level 2 Attack increased from 73 to 99
Valkyrie level 3 Attack increased from 82 to
Valkyrie level 4 Attack increased from 92 to 124
  • Increased hitpoints & damage of level 6 Giant
  • Increase hitpoints and heal of Healer (level 3 and 4)
  • Slightly decreased hitpoints of Hog Rider (all levels)
Many smaller fixes and tweaks!
Dark Elixir loot is now properly displayed in replay result screen
Reskin for Lightning spell (Bats circling around the target)

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September Updates Sneak Peeks

Hey Chief. It's that time again, it's Sneak Peeks time!!!

September Updates

Is that a bat? A Pumpkin bomb? Look likes Halloween festival is upon us!

Can you spot New Mortar level 8 in the middle? Only time will tell....that it's actually
new Mortar level 8!

A ring of bling with a boom to make your ears ring. Run for cover, Chief!
Clash of Clans

Minor Fix

  • Changed Elder Kick cooldown to be 20 minutes
  • Dark Elixir loot is now properly displayed in replay result screen

Hold your breath, more to come!!!

Trophy League Bonus Increased

Trophy League Loot Bonus: Old vs. New
August Updates Trophy Leagues System

Read here for more details of Trophy Leagues System
Clash of Clans

League levels:
Bronze III Trophy range: 400 - 499
Old loot bonus: 400 Gold + 400 Elixir
New loot bonus: No change

Bronze II Trophy range: 500 - 599
Old loot bonus: 500 Gold + 500 Elixir
New loot bonus: No change

Bronze I Trophy range: 600 - 799
Old loot bonus: 750 Gold + 750 Elixir
New loot bonus: 800 Gold + 800 Elixir

Silver III Trophy range: 800 - 999
Old loot bonus: 1100 Gold + 1100 Elixir
New loot bonus: 1300 Gold + 1300 Elixir

Silver II Trophy range: 1000 - 1199
Old loot bonus: 1700 Gold + 1700 Elixir
New loot bonus: 2000 Gold + 2000 Elixir

Silver I Trophy range: 1200 - 1399
Old loot bonus: 2500 Gold + 2500 Elixir
New loot bonus: 3300 Gold + 3300 Elixir

Gold III Trophy range: 1400 - 1599
Old loot bonus: 3800 Gold + 3800 Elixir
New loot bonus: 5200 Gold + 5200 Elixir

Gold II Trophy range: 1600 - 1799
Old loot bonus: 5700 Gold + 5700 Elixir
New loot bonus: 8400 Gold + 8400 Elixir

Gold I Trophy range: 1800 - 1999
Old loot bonus: 8500 Gold + 8500 Elixir
New loot bonus: 13000 Gold + 13000 Elixir

Crystal III Trophy range: 2000 - 2199
Old loot bonus: 13000 Gold + 13000 Elixir
New loot bonus: 21000 Gold + 21000 Elixir + 50 Dark Elixir

Crystal II Trophy range: 2200 - 2399
Old loot bonus: 19000 Gold + 19000 Elixir + 100 Dark Elixir
New loot bonus: 34000 Gold + 34000 Elixir + 100 Dark Elixir

Crystal I Trophy range: 2400 - 2599
Old loot bonus: 29000 Gold + 29000 Elixir + 200 Dark Elixir
New loot bonus: 55000 Gold + 55000 Elixir + 200 Dark Elixir

Master III Trophy range: 2600 - 2799
Old loot bonus: 43000 Gold + 43000 Elixir + 300 Dark Elixir
New loot bonus: 75000 Gold + 75000 Elixir + 400 Dark Elixir

Master II Trophy range: 2800 - 2999
Old loot bonus: 65000 Gold + 65000 Elixir + 400 Dark Elixir
New loot bonus: 90000 Gold + 90000 Elixir + 500 Dark Elixir

Master I Trophy range: 3000 - 3199
Old loot bonus: 80000 Gold + 80000 Elixir + 500 Dark Elixir
New loot bonus: 100000 Gold + 100000 Elixir + 600 Dark Elixir

Champion Trophy range: 3200+
Old loot bonus: 100000 Gold + 100000 Elixir + 600 Dark Elixir
New loot bonus: 120000 Gold + 120000 Elixir + 800 Dark Elixir

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August Update: Player Profile

Clash of Clans: August Updates V4.120 Player Profile

Brand new Player Profile feature
  • See XP level, league badge and trophy count all in one place
  • Includes achievement progress, clan status, league wins and troop donations
Clash of Clans

Hog Rider rework!
  • The new and improved Hog Rider now targets defenses, allowing new Hog Rider tactics
  • Damage increased: the Hog Rider now packs a heavier punch with his sledge hammer!
  • Hogs now have personal trainers to get them in jumping shape, reducing Hog Rider training time
Training time reduced from 5 to 2 minutes
Hog Rider level 3; Damage per second = 80, Hit Points = 400
Hog Rider level 4; Damage per second = 92, Hit Points = 460
Hog Rider level 5; Damage per second = 105, Hit Points = 525

New spell, unit and building levels
  • Added level 6 Wizard
  • Added level 8 Wizard Tower
  • Added level 4 Freeze Spell
Wizard level 6; Damage per second = 180, Hit Points = 164, Cost = 4000 Elixir
Clash of Clans

Wizard Tower level 8; Damage per second = 48, Hit Points = 880
Upgrade cost = 6,480,000 Gold // 14 Days

Freeze Spell level 4; Duration = 7 seconds, Cost = 33000 Gold

New clan features
  • Trophy requirement to join a clan can now be up to 3600 trophies
  • Added cooldown for Elders kicking out Clan Members
Three of the most challenging, most rewarding achievements yet!
  • League All-Star: push your league progress to the limit and earn our highest ever gem rewards!
  • X-Bow Exterminator: earn gems for taking out those pesky X-Bows
  • Firefighter: destroy the dreaded Inferno Towers and get handsomely rewarded
Clash of Clans

Interface Improvements
  • Replay sharing improved: shared replays now show loot, trophies and can include a custom message
  • Achievement progress is now tracked even after an achievement is fully completed
  • Info screen added for secondary units (Skeleton and Golemite)
  • Chat can scrolled all the way to the top by clicking on the tab above it
Clash of Clans

Game Balance
  • Most League loot bonuses have been increased
  • Decreased cost of Heal, Rage, Jump and Freeze Spells
  • Decreased the Witch’s attack range
  • Decreased training time of Balloon and Wizard (from 10 to 8 minutes)
  • Decreased the upgrade cost of level 3 Freeze Spell
  • Increased heal spell radius from 3.5 to 5 tiles
Clash of Clans

Healing Spell level 5; Cost = 22000 Gold
Rage Spell level 5; Cost = 33000 Gold
Jump Spell level 1; Cost = 23000 Gold

Many smaller fixes and tweaks!
Graphic on Mine and Collector is fixed

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Dark Barrack

What is Dark Barrack?
Dark Barrack is an extra building for your attack force, in addition to Normal Barrack. Instead of normal Elixir, you use Dark Elixir to train Dark troops from your Dark Barracks, and march them over enemy’s villages.

Since March 2013 updates, Dark Elixir Troops were introduced into the game and allow Town Hall level 7 and above to build Dark Barrack. While Dark Elixir Troops are not versatile like Normal Troops, they have their unique ability which can be powerful in specific circumstance.

For example, Golem has very high hit point as powerful tanker and can withstand huge amount of damage from Defense Buildings. When die, Golem will do splash damage and split itself into 2 Golemites for more tanker capability.
Clash of Clans
The Dark Barracks will open doors for creatures born out of Dark Elixir. Upgrade the barracks to unlock more troops with unique battle skills.
Dark Barrack Fact
Level 1 required Town Hall level 7 / unlock Minion
Level 2 required Town Hall level 7 / unlock Hog Rider
Level 3 required Town Hall level 8 / unlock Valkyrie
Level 4 required Town Hall level 8 / unlock Golem
Level 5 required Town Hall level 9 / unlock Witch

Town Hall level 7 = 1 Dark Barrack
Town Hall level 8 and above = 2 Dark Barracks
Clash of Clans

How important is Dark Barrack / Queuing Troops
Queuing Troops is very important for your attack. When you have 200 or more Army Camp spaces, the time to train your army is divided by 4 Normal Barracks. If you have some Dark Elixir Troops in your army, the training time will be reduced, thus you can do your attack more frequently.

While it’s hard to find a good use of Hog Rider or Valkyrie, most farmers are starting to use Minions more and more. Training only Barbarians, Archers and Minions can reduce total training time to less than 13 minutes for 200 Army Camp spaces. (Training only Barbarians and Archers takes 18.75 minutes for 200 Army Camp spaces.)

High trophy players benefit more from using Dark Elixir Troops. Golem and Witch are powerful by their unique abilities and 2 Dark Barracks also help reduce training time compared to all P.E.K.K.A or all Dragon army.

Defense Tactics for Dark Barrack placement
Dark Barrack has very low hit point similar to Normal Barrack. Better place them outside Wall 2 space apart to further extend the deployment area of enemy.

Attack Tactics for Dark Barrack
There is nothing much, just smash through them like a cheese.

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August Updates Sneak Peeks

Update is upon us!

League Rewards Increased!!!
Big news Chief: League Reward Increase coming soon! Plus a dark secret to boot! Isn't more loot the best??? Clash on and happy Sunday!

League rewards substantially increase on Gold, Elixir and also Dark Elixir!

We made an analysis based on league system back in April 2013. Yes, our analysis was wrong back then because very low league bonus. However, if the league bonus increase enough, it's time to prepare for the change.

Clash of Clans

Confirm Wizard Tower level 8
Look closely in the above screenshot, you can see new Wizard Tower in the background. Yes, it is new Wizard Tower level 8 for Town Hall level 10.

Coming Soon! Wizard Level 6, now with more "fire" power! What do you think of his sweet, stylish robes?

Good news is Wizard training time will be reduced from 10 minutes to 8 minutes! Hooray!
Clash of Clans

Replay Sharing Power up!
You asked for it, you got it! Coming soon: Replay sharing is getting a major power up! How do you like the blue button?
  • You can now add message to describe your awesome replay.
  • Blue button to differentiate from green donation button
  • Results screen to show off your loot, trophy and army detailes
Clash of Clans

New Achievements!
Chief, what do these three things have in common? League All-Star, Firefighter and X-Bow Exterminator. Yes, they're new Achievements! Total worth 4900 Gems!!!!

Firefighter 3 star = Destroy 5000 Inferno Towers for 1000 Gems
League All-Star = Become a Champion for 2000 Gems
X-Bow Exterminator = Destroy 2500 X-Bows for 200 Gems
Clash of Clans

Player Profile!
Introducing: The Player Profile - all the key stats in a single place! Check out how your clan mates and potential recruits are clashing! What stats do you want to see on your player profile?
Clash of Clans

Spell Improvement!
  • Increased Heal Spell radius
  • Decreased cost of Heal, Rage, Jump and Freeze Spells
Update is upon us!

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Spell Factory

What is Spell Factory?
Spell Factory is the support building to enhance your attack. You can spend Gold to create Spells which can be used against defense buildings or support your army.
Clash of Clans
The Spell Factory is home to veteran Wizards who are better suited to creating magical weapons than front-line combat. Use their powerful Attack Spells to turn the tide of a battle in your favor!
Spell Factory Fact
Spell Factory becomes available to be built at Town Hall level 5, and can be upgraded at each Town Hall level onward (except at Town Hall level 8). Spell Factory can store number of Spell depending on Spell Factory level.

Town Hall level 5 = Spell Factory level 1 = Allow to create Lightning Spell
Town Hall level 6 = Spell Factory level 2 = Allow to create Healing Spell
Town Hall level 7 = Spell Factory level 3 = Allow to create Rage Spell
Town Hall level 9 = Spell Factory level 4 = Allow to create Jump Spell
Town Hall level 10 = Spell Factory level 5 = Allow to create Freeze Spell

How important I should prioritize and upgrade Spell Factory?
Depends on your play style and how often you use Spell. Farming player does rarely use Spell, therefore Spell Factory will be one of low priority building to upgrade.

Trophy player should focus on upgrading Spell Factory because it unlocks new Spell and allows you to store more Spell which is crucial to use for various Attack Tactics.

Read here for Spell Tactics.

Defense Tactics for Spell Factory placement
Spell Factory has very low hit point compared to other buildings. Just place them outside Wall.

Attack Tactics against Spell Factory
There is nothing much, just smash through them like a cheese.

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What is the Witch?
Witch is Dark Elixir Troop that has awesome necromancer-style ability. She, by herself alone, is so weak – low hit point and low attack damage. Fortunately, she never fights alone because she can summon skeletons, lots of skeletons if left unchecked. Ultimately, she and her skeletons act as unlimited army of both meat shield and damage dealer.

Witch was introduced along with July 2013 updates, and can be unlocked from Dark Barrack level 5 which is available at Town Hall level 9 and above.
Clash of Clans
The Witch never fights alone, constantly raising dead warriors from past battles to lead her attacks. Upgraded Witches raise more skeletons at atime.
Witch summon skeletons every 6 seconds (Cooldown period)
Witch level 1 summon 3 skeletons at a time; maximum number of skeletons = 6
Witch level 2 summon 4 skeletons at a time; maximum number of skeletons = 8
Clash of Clans

Witch Fact level 1 & level 2
Damage per sec = 25 & 30
Hit points = 75 & 100
Training Cost = 250 & 300 Dark Elixir
Favorite target = Any
Attack range = 5 tiles
Damage type = Area Splash (Splash radius = 0.3 tile)
Targets = Ground & Air
Housing Space = 12
Training Time = 20 minutes
Movement speed = 12

Skeleton Fact
Damage per sec = 25
Hit points = 45
Favorite target = Any
Damage type = Single Target
Targets = Ground
Movement speed = 24
Clash of Clans

Witch A.I. Mechanic
When deployed, Witch will start summon skeletons, noticeably by glowing green magic circle around the Witch. Then, she will target the nearest building similar to Archer. After cooldown period, she will summon another wave of skeletons, and then resume attacking the building.

If no skeleton die, she will keep attacking building and move forward. If some skeletons die, after cooldown period from previous summoning, she will summon skeletons again. Basically, she will keep summon skeletons every cooldown period to reach the maximum number of skeletons available as long as Witch is alive.

Attack Tactics using Witch
1) Protect her at all cost
Deploy other troops to trigger any traps and Hidden Tesla. You don’t want to deploy several Witches just to have all of them killed by Giant Bomb.

2) Supporting role
Mix 2-6 Witches in regular army with Barbarians, Giants or P.E.K.K.A to absorb damage while have Archer and Skeletons do the damage. Deploy Witches after clearing the surroundings; make sure she goes after your main army and not walking around the base and foolishly get killed.

3) Mass Witch
Witch is designed such that a swarm of summoned skeletons can be unstoppable against non-splash defense buildings. She can singlehandedly take down Inferno Tower like never before.

Mass Witch tactic has been tried and successfully 100% destroyed max base. With enough skeletons in the front line, defense buildings will keep target the skeletons and left Witch untouched. Just deploy Witches and let them do the job.

In reality, 20 Witches x 350 Dark Elixir = 7000 Dark Elixir per attack can be too expensive even the hardcore gemmer.

Attack Tactics against Witch in Clan Castle
Always carry at least one Lightning Spell. Attacking base with Clan Castle very deep inside can be worst nightmare if there is Witch inside. Without Lightning Spell, Witch will keep summon skeletons and slow down your attacking force forever.

Defense Tactics against Witch
1) Hidden Tesla and Traps
While you need some luck for this tactics, Hidden Tesla and Trap like Giant Bomb can be placed in the expected position to surprise and take down the Witches.

2) Base Funneling and Spread out Defense Buildings 
Make layout that try to separate Witch and her skeletons. Witch has long range as a good point, but sometimes she walks away from the group and attack an unusual building which is far away than normal.

For example, Moat type base has middle path around the core. Other troops will walk around the core while Witch stop attacking building in the core which can make her exposed to Defense Buildings.

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News Improved Boosting and Giant Bomb

Dear Clashers,

Improved Boosting
The 1st Anniversary celebration boost is ended, but Boosting is improved: Cheaper & Last longer!
For example, Gold Mines level 11 cost only 11 Gems to get double production for 1 day!
Basically, 3000 x 24 = 72000 Gold for 11 Gems: about 6500 Gold per Gem.

It is decent deal for those who don't have much time to attack/farm, and rely mainly on Gold Mine. On the other hand, if this becomes popular, don't forget to have your Goblin ready for those juicy Mines/Collectors.

Improved Giant Bomb
Giant Bomb is also better: Cheaper & More Damage!.
Cost reduced from 50,000 Gold to 20,000 Gold.

Trophy player can now have stronger defense trap with cheaper cost. Farmer can use it for pure awesomeness! Who not like blowing off groups of ground troops!

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July Update The Witch Analysis

Tactical Analysis
July Updates The Witch

Read more details about July Updates here:

The Witch Rock! Especially against Inferno Tower!
Pure and simple! Skeletons can swarm Inferno Tower like never before.

While she is weak by herself alone, her summoned skeletons act as horde of mini-barbarian for both tanker and damage dealer. Few summoning is enough to worth her 12 housing spaces. If she can last long enough to do her bidding, the damage will be devastating. Mass Witch is success against some max Town Hall level 10 bases. This really adds more options to the high trophy tactics attack/defense.

The Witch is also available to Town Hall level 9 players which 1-2 Witches can be used to support the attack in medium trophy range. Look at the trend; it seems that 2 Dark Elixir Troops are available to each Town Hall level which means Town Hall level 9 may get another Dark Elixir Troop while the next one will be exclusively to Town Hall level 10 only.
Clash of Clans

Bye bye Pink Wall?
Say hello to Wall Breaker level 6! 2,400 damage to the Wall means it can one-shot Pink Wall level 6 and 2 of them can destroy Wall level 9. Basically, high trophy players will need at least Wall level 10 to effectively defend against Wall Breaker tactics.

Wall Breaker level 6 is available exclusively to Town Hall 10; this is another good reason to upgrade to Town Hall level 10 for more wall penetration capability. Good thing is farmer don’t have to worry much about that and can continue to farm your way up to max base.

Share your battle tactics
Share your successful and exciting battle replays with your clan members! This is nice addition to game. Not only you can share and learn tactics among clan members, it can be fun to show off your proud attack/defense.

Promote Hog Rider and Valkyrie
Supercell knows how often we use Dark Elixir Troops, and try to promote rarely used troops to the players.

Decreased Hog Rider’s housing space requirement from 6 to 5 is a good start. The problem is Hog Rider still need a little more stat boost and cost reduction otherwise there is not much reason to use him regularly.

Increased Valkyries’s attack damage and decreased Valkyries’s traning cost are decent. While it’s better, she is still not good enough for the real fight. She need more splash radius to actually have more chance to get damage against multiple buildings, or her AI should be coded to lock herself into position to attack 2-3 buildings at once.

More level of Dark Elixir Barracks coming soon?
Decreased the upgrade cost of Dark Barrack is showing that Supercell is really looking into the future….near future. While they promote players to upgrade Dark Barrack, they also plan to have more level of Dark Barrack with reasonable Elixir cost to upgrade.

Speculation for Next Updates
Supercell mentioned July update as the small one because most of them take holiday off. The updates still carry some weight to entertain the players. Therefore, the next update (which isn’t a small one) shall contain new element(s) of the game such as new system or the twist to existing gameplay. The minor thing can be new level of Goblin and Wizard, also new level of Wizard Tower and Mortar.

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Happy Birthday Clash of Clans!

Happy Birthday Chief!

Clash of Clans is one year old! You can now boost all your resource collectors for ONE WEEK for only one GEM each until August 9th!
Clash of Clans

Look at you Inbox for details. Yes, it's official announcement from Supercell!
Clash of Clans

Wow! Look at that, only 1 gem to boost the Dark Elixir Drill for 7 days. Sign me up!!!
Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

There is no other time better than this anniversary to spend your Gems!

Simple math here: Dark Elixir Drill level 6 with 100 Dark Elixir production per hour, you will get additional of 100 x 24 x 7 = 16,800 Dark Elixir for the cost of only 1 gem!!!

Gold Mine level 11 with 3,000 Gold production per hour, you will get additional of 3,000 x 24 x 7 = 504,000 Gold for the cost of only 1 gem!!! 6 Boosted Gold Mines mean 3 million Gold!

Tactical Analysis
For those who want to farm a lot of Resource, it's time to carry a bunch of Goblins in your army. Your Goblins will be very busy stealing those Resource from the collectors with green glowing light around them.

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July Updates: The Witch

Clash of Clans: July Updates V4.74 The Witch

The Witch!
New Dark Elixir unit: The Witch! Skilled in the dark art of necromancy, the Witch reanimates the skeletons of dead warriors. Commanding her undead horde, she’s a fearsome sight in battle!
Clash of Clans New Update

The Witch Fact
Damage per second = 25 (level 2 = 30)
Hit Point = 75 (level 2 = 100)
Training Cost = 250 Dark Elixir (level 2 = 350)
Attack Range = 5 tiles // Splash area = 0.3 tile
Movement speed = 12
Summon 3 skeletons, maximum no. of skeletons = 6
(Level 2 = summon 4 skeletons, maximum = 8)

The Witch level 2 Upgrade cost = 75,000 Dark Elixir, Upgrade time = 10 days

Summoned Skeleton Fact
Damage per second = 25
Hit Point = 45
Attack Range = 0.4 tile (melee attack)
Movement speed =24

Dark Barrack level 5
Available for Town Hall 9 and above, upgrade to Dark Barrack level 5 to unlock the Witch!
Clash of Clans New Update

Upgrade cost = 2,750,000 Elixir, Upgrade time = 8 days

Wall Breaker level 6
Knock down immovable objects with the unstoppable force of level 6 Wall Breaker! Exclusive for Town Hall level 10 only.
Clash of Clans New Update

Required Laboratory level 8
Upgrade cost = 6,750,000 Elixir, Upgrade time = 10 days

Wall Breaker level 6 Fact
Damage = 60
Damage against Wall = 60 x 40 = 2400 Damage
Hit Point = 54
Training Cost = 3500 Dark Elixir

Interface improvements
  • Share your coolest battle replays with your clan members in clan chat!
Clash of Clans New Update

Clash of Clans New Update

  • You can now temporarily mute a player in global chat. Their messages won’t be displayed on your screen
  • Top Players leaderboard now displays “Attacks Won” and “Defenses Won” statistics, similarly to League rankings
Clash of Clans New Update

  • Your opponent’s name and clan are now visible during a replay
Balance tweaks
  • Decreased Hog Rider’s housing space requirement from 6 to 5
  • Increased Valkyries’s attack damage (all levels)
  • Decreased Valkyries’s traning cost (levels 1, 2 and 3)
Valkyrie level 1 Attack increased from 60 to 65, Cost reduced from 100 to 70
Valkyrie level 2 Attack increased from 66 to 73, Cost reduced from 120 to 100
Valkyrie level 3 Attack increased from 72 to 82, Cost reduced from 140 to 130
Valkyrie level 4 Attack increased from 80 to 92, Cost no changed

  • Decreased the upgrade cost of Dark Barrack (level 2, 3 and 4)
Dark Barrack level 2 upgrade cost reduced from 1,500,000 to 1,250,000 Elixir
Dark Barrack level 3 upgrade cost reduced from 3,000,000 to 1,750,000 Elixir
Dark Barrack level 4 upgrade cost reduced from 4,000,000 to 2,250,000 Elixir

Many other small tweaks and fixes

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July Updates Sneak Peeks

Better late than never.......UPDATE time! after long break.

SHARE REPLAYS TO CLAN CHAT - Attack & Defense!!!
Want to discuss the finer points of Clash of Clans Tactics? Now you can do so with a visual aid!
Coming soon: share your attack and defense replays with your clan mates!
Clash of Clans

Leaderboard Stats - Attacks & Defenses Won!
Chief! You wanted to know what it takes to be on top! Now you'll know with all the attack and defense stats on the leaderboard! How many attack/defense victories do you think it takes to make your local leaderboard?
Clash of Clans

Wall Breaker level 6! Better stats!
What's bony, bomby and coming for your walls? Level 6 wall breakers, that's what. Coming soon with bigger boom! How many WB do you use in each raid?
Clash of Clans

New Dark Barrack level 5!
Let the speculation begin! What new troop will it unleash?
Clash of Clans

The Witch! Summons Fallen Warriors!!!
Introducing: The Witch! With the power of Dark Elixir coursing through her veins, this fearsome enchantress summons fallen warriors to do her bidding. Coming soon to a Dark Barracks near you!
Clash of Clans

It's time for the update!
Read here for complete details of July Updates: The Witch!