Advanced Defense Tactics

Defense is another important aspect of the Clash of Clans, besides attacking. Even if you are Clash of Clans addicted, you still spend a lot times log off from the game and have your defense protecting your village.
Mastering your Defense Tactics can help protect your Town Hall, Trophy and your hard earned Resources. In this section, we will talk about not only Wall and Defense building, but also how to utilize buildings placement, village layout, unit A.I., etc.

Basic Defense Tactics
Basic tactics for newbie, starting player who have no idea how to place buildings

Advanced Defense Tactics
Advanced tactics to improve your village layout and putting more thought in your Wall and building placement

Advanced Defense Tactics

1) Prioritize Splash Damage!
In medium trophy range (1000 – 1800), most attackers will use lots of Barbarian, Archer and Goblin as their main troops because they are cheap and faster to train. That’s why splash damage building like Mortar and Wizard Tower will be your key defense.  Put them deep inside your base and separate them so that you have evenly splash damage coverage area. Also avoid putting them next to each other to not let few lightning spells take them down.

Try to max upgrade them before any other defenses. However, avoid upgrading them at the same time to keep your splash damage power of your base.
Advanced Defense Tactics
Max Mortar and Wizard Tower always scare those Goblins!
2) Choose your precious buildings!
Same as real life, you cannot choose (to protect) everything. Each has different value, so put your precious building in the center of your base whether it is Town Hall or Resource Storage, and put unimportant building around the base (outside wall) as damage absorber. Army Camp, Barrack, Laboratory, Spell Factory, and sometimes Mine/Collector are unimportant building which you do not care much if destroyed.

If you are veteran players, you will eventually realize that mere 20-25 Archers in Clan Castle can contribute to a lot of successful defense. From Town Hall 7 and above, you get access to enough number of Walls and buildings to be able to put Clan Castle deep in the center of your base. Make sure that it’s hard or need attacker’s effort to lure troops out of the Clan Castle. Your troops will not only deal damage to attacking troops but also distract them so that your defense buildings have more time to take them down.
Advanced Defense Tactics
It's always hard to profitably attack base with centralized Clan Castle!
3) All Eggs in one basket, very risky!
What is the worst thing it can be after you wake up and check your Clash of Clans? It’s not the loss of 198K of Gold and Elixir, the worst thing is you are losing more than that! If you put all of your Storages in one middle Wall compartment, Wall Breaker break into the middle then Horde of Goblin came visiting you and left with less than 40% damage. Congrats, you now win the battle, gaining Trophy in the process but no shield. Your village will still be opened to other attackers to steal more of your resources.

It’s better to separate each of you Storages in several compartments which is one of the best way to prevent against Goblins rush tactics.
Advanced Defense Tactics
All Storage are in middle section waiting for greedy Goblins!
Advanced Defense Tactics
With separated compartment, you will rarely lose both Gold Storages.
4) Base Surroundings, Packed or Spread out?
With unimportant building outside of your Wall, you can choose to place them next to the Wall as close as possible. This gives your defense more time to kill them while they are attacking unimportant buildings.
Advanced Defense Tactics
Packed building outside wall
Or you can place them 2 spaces apart so that attacker have to deploy troops from further away. They can use Archer to pick off some buildings for free, but this tactics increase the chance to kill Wall Breaker and have advantage when attacker not deploy all troops at once because reinforcement take more time to walk in.
Advanced Defense Tactics
Spread out buildings outside wall
There is no clear conclusion which one is better. The tactics you choose depend on your layout, defense building placement and your intention how to defense your base.

5) Defend against Wall Breaker!
Since Wall Breaker is one of the most effective troops to break through Walls, designing your layout with Wall Breaker AI in mind is the key to avoid your loss.

Read more details on Wall Breaker tactics in troop section.

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