April Updates Leagues System Analysis

Trophy or Resources?

It’s always a dilemma for Clash of Clans player to choose between Trophy and Resources. Only players who spend tons of money and Gems can sustain high amount of Trophy and Resources. But which is more important for those who have to choose only one? Some players choose to become Farmers and never look back. Farmers care nothing about Trophy and focus on raiding Resources to upgrade their base.

Thank you Supercell for April Updates. With introduction of New Trophy Leagues System, player get loot bonus out of every victory. At higher league, system gives you higher amount of loot bonus. Farmer may neglect this system and continue their Farming tactics, however….
April Updates Leagues System Analysis
Trophy will have value other than completing 1,250 trophy achievement!

No more Dark Elixir Shortage!

Dark Elixir had been most sought resource since January Heroes update. With very low production rate of Dark Elixir Drill, players struggle to gain enough Dark Elixir for Heroes and Dark Troops. At Crystal II league and above, players will get Dark Elixir bonus from victory.
April Updates Leagues System Analysis
The production rate of Dark Elixir Drill is a joke. Come join Trophy League for Dark Elixir!

Dark Barracks in full action!

Town Hall 8 and 9 can save up more Dark Elixir or choose to spend them to train Dark Elixir Troops. Two Dark Barracks can pump out lots of Minions, Hog Riders, Valkyries or new rocky Golems! Not only this open up new troop combination and new attacking tactics, but also save training time from normal Barracks.
For example, your full army of 200 spaces takes 20 minutes to train from 4 normal Barracks. You can train 6 Hog Riders (36 spaces) from 2 Dark Barracks, thus need only 164 spaces to train from 4 normal Barracks. Training time for full army will be reduced to 15 minutes and let you attack more often.
April Updates Leagues System Analysis
Utilize your Dark Barracks for better troop combination and shorter training time!

Many farmers prepare to move Town Hall back in the middle of the base to protect now valuable trophy. It is time for you to consider attack for trophy and climbing the rank, and prepare yourself for New Trophy League System!


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