Basic Defense Tactics

Defense is another important aspect of the Clash of Clans, besides attacking. Even if you are Clash of Clans addicted, you still spend a lot times log off from the game and have your defense protecting your village.
Mastering your Defense Tactics can help protect your Town Hall, Trophy and your hard earned Resources. In this section, we will talk about not only Wall and Defense Building, but also how to utilize buildings placement, village layout, unit A.I., etc.

Basic Defense Tactics
Basic tactics for newbie, starting player who have no idea how to place buildings
Basic Defense Tactics

1) Don’t let attacker get inside for free!
Each of your buildings and Walls (except Hidden Tesla and decorations) has one space around the building that prevents attacker troops to be deployed. This temporarily displays by white line when you move any buildings or Walls. Therefore, don’t make any hole inside your base by separating any buildings more than 2 spaces apart.
Basic Defense Tactics
Attacking troops will be simply deployed inside the base!
2) Center of the map is your best friend!
You cannot place any buildings in green grass area around the village but attacker can deploy troops, so don’t build your base at the corner or edge of the map.
Basic Defense Tactics
Believe me, you don't want to learn this the hard way!
3) Use Walls to slow down attacker!
Surround your village or important buildings by Walls. Basic melee unit like barbarians and goblins need to attack Walls before reaching your precious building.
Basic Defense Tactics
Not a perfect layout, but a decent one to start with!
4) Know you defense range!
Each defense building has its own range. For example, clicking on the Mortar show white circle of 11 space radius determining area the Mortar can cover and shoot, while 4 radius of red circle show blind area that Mortar cannot shoot. Always check defense coverage area to make sure the area cover what you want to protect.
Basic Defense Tactics
Mortar can shoot within 4-11 tiles between red and white circle
After finish reading this Basic Defense Tactics, you should know the basic principle of building and wall placement. Now, you should go and learn more by reading Advanced Defense Tactics.

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  1. How it it possible to reach town hall 7 and still have no clue how to build sensible base?

    Who can look 1000 timers how he is being attacked and do not fix anything?

    1. Why don't you do you and let him do him? Worry bout your base and not someone else's!

    2. why do u even care?

    3. Stop crying.