Builder's Hut

In Clash of Clans, Builder’s Hut is one of the key support buildings in the game. Actually without Builder’s Hut, player cannot construct, upgrade and make any progress of the base. There is one builder inside each of Builder’s Hut. In order to construct, upgrade any buildings, walls or remove obstacles, you need to have available builder for the task.

Clash of Clans Buildings
Amazing that these small 2x2 buildings can create your whole village!
The unique element of Builder’s Hut is that you cannot build it. Instead, you purchase it by using Gems, thus makes Builder’s Hut the only building in the game that need pure Gems to obtain. Because of the nature of Clash of Clans which required long time to construct and upgrade each building, getting additional Builder’s Hut is the most worthwhile spending of Gems.

Builder's Hut


1st Builder's Hut

Free (Tutorial)

2nd Builder's Hut

250 Gems (Tutorial)

3rd Builder's Hut

500 Gems

4th Builder's Hut

1,000 Gems

5th Builder's Hut

2,000 Gems

As you can see, you get the 1st and 2nd Builder’s Hut during tutorial. In order to get 3rd, 4th and 5th Builder’s Hut, you need to use money to buy Gems or accumulate Gems from completing Achievements and removing obstacles. If you don’t want to spend money on Clash of Clans, or you want to prove yourself by playing as non-gemmer, try not to spend any Gems for quick upgrade and accumulate them for 3rd and 4th Builder’s Hut.

New players may be reluctant to spend money at first, but as you continue playing (and become addicted); you will realize that getting Builder’s Hut since the beginning is the best tactics for long term play. See below for more details.

Builder’s Hut and Gems Tactics
Clash of Clans Tactics

If you plan to spend money and can afford it, you should immediately buy Gems for more builders.
3rd builder provides you 50% more of your production rate (from 2 to 3 builders).
4th builder provides you 33% more of your production rate (from 3 to 4 builders).
5th builder provides you 25% more of your production rate (from 4 to 5 builders).

1) Not spend any money
You play around 3 – 4 weeks to get 3rd builder, and 3 more months to get 4th builder. 5th builder can be obtained within 10 months – 1.5 years (depends on how active you play).

2) Spend $4.99 for 500 Gems
You immediately get 3rd builder, play roughly 1.5 months to get 4th builder. 5th builder can be obtained within 8 – 10 months

3) Spend $9.99 for 1,200 Gems
You immediately get 3rd Builder, play only a week to get 4th Builder, and 6 – 8 months to get 5th builder.

4) Spend $19.99 for 2,500 Gems
You immediately get 3rd and 4th Builder, play 1.5 months to get 5th Builder.

In summary, if you plan to get all 5 builders and enjoy to play for a long period of time, just spend $19.99 or more. With little bit of patience and money savings, you can spend $9.99 or $9.99 + $4.99, which are still a good deal in the long run.

Builder Scheduling/Management Tactics
Aside from getting more builders to work for you, you can try to schedule and utilize them in effective ways.
  • Plan your upgrade, and try to raid for enough resource before builder is available. 
  • Do not let the worker sleep for long period of time, or keep one builder to upgrade wall, it’s not effective!
  • Schedule your upgrade to finish in different day/time, so that you don’t need to raid too much resource. Or if you raid too much gold, you can upgrade some wall in between and not be upset because of Gold Storage are full.
Builder Summary
With Mar 2016 Update, you can keep up with the progress of your upgrades by tapping he Builder icon! Easy and quick way to display Builder Summary.

Builder's Hut

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  1. SuperCell needs to give you 10% as reading this is what made me go ahead and buy $20 worth of gems. only regret i didn't buy it the 1st day vs day 15 ....I also got my 5th builder in a total of 30 days (maybe less)

    1. I'm glad you get good info and analysis from the article.

      Buying Gems is certainly win-win situation for both Supercell and player who want to enjoy playing with maximum benefit/opportunity.

      You get 5th builder in less than a month shows that Clash of Clans is very fun and really addicted to you.

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  2. I saw a few people spend hundreds. Jorge Yao spent over $2500 he said.

    This guy spent $30 on his new builders huts just to move faster in the game (

    I'm personally a big fan of building quicker rather than sitting around. $30 for so many hours of additional fun seems like a worthwhile investment in the blog

    Cheers - thanks for the post. Outlines this really well

    1. I'm glad you like our builder's hut tactics.

      Buying Gems for quick builder's hut at the beginning of the game is the most worthwhile investment you can get.

  3. Una app muy divertida para poner a pruebas nuestras dotes estrategas!! El secreto está en donde poner las torres.

  4. I also regret buying my 4th and 5th builder a bit late. I have been playing for 3 weeks and I am already at level 43. I'm moving much faster compared to my clan mates

  5. Wtf??? I got 3rd builder buy saving gems from obsticle and by completing 1250 trophies achievement. I got 4th builder buy saving gems from other simple achievement, obsticle and by reaching crystal league simply by destroying TH. And I got my fifth builder by reaching masters league x1000gems and war hero and saving gems from obsticles. And all of this happened in TH7 and in 5months..and you are saying a year for 5th builder??

  6. I am glad to have bought a 3rd and 4th builder hut! Things just get done faster and no one in the bronze league has 4 anyways lol. Since Clash is usually the only game I'm into it helps and I would rather use gems to speed up my unit times so I can keep attacking rather than save up for 5 months for one game when I can get a $20 bill in like 2 weeks from chores.

  7. if you have little time playing COC and raiding, don't buy builders. but if you're hardcore, buy from day 1. it's VERY WORTH IT.

  8. Is it possible to delete buildings in the game?

    1. Simply, no.

    2. Why do you even want to delete a building. Secondly, which buildings were you gonna delete? All are important.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  14. SuperCell needs to come out with an update for level 2 builders, that speeds up process by around 15% or so. But using only gems to get them. I know I would spend the money to get them

  15. I have been playing for nearly a year now (without buying gems) and my gem supply is nearly sufficient to allow me to buy a 5th builder. But what I am noticing is that I have a very hard time keeping by current 4 builder's busy. I am Town Hall level 9 and all of my buildings and defenses are higher level where minimal costs of upgrades are above 1 Million gold or elixir and build times are generally 4 days+. All of my mines are maxed (and have been for months) so short of raiding (which I do often) it takes about 3-5 days in order to get enough resources in order to occupy a builder. So I am almost NEVER in a situation where I don't have at least one or two builders idle because I waiting for resources. Now this was not the case several months ago when upgrades were cheaper and build times were shorter so I totally get the value and advantage of a 5th builder early on in the game, but I am seriously having a hard time deciding if there is any value in buying a 5th builder at this point or if I should just be using my stockpile of gems to boost my collectors? Any suggestions or advise are welcome!

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  19. What happens if you buy a TH pack (I'm TH7 and there is an option to buy a pack that give barb king and level 3 hidden tesla) when you have no builders available? I want to get it, but I'm not sure if it will break.

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