Defense Tactics

Defense is another important aspect of the Clash of Clans, besides attacking. Even if you are Clash of Clans addicted, you still spend a lot times log off from the game and have your defense protecting your village.
Mastering your Defense Tactics can help protect your Town Hall, Trophy and your hard earned Resources. In this section, we will talk about not only Wall and Defense Building, but also how to utilize buildings placement, village layout, unit A.I., etc.

Basic Defense Tactics
Basic tactics for newbie, starting player who have no idea how to place buildings

Advanced Defense Tactics
Advanced tactics for player who want to outlast and outclass other players on higher level, even if you are veteran player, you can still find good defense tactics here.

Expert Defense Tactics
Expert tactics for hardcore player, you are not allowed to read this section if you are not addicted enough.

Ultimate Defense Tactics (Farming Layout)
Cheap and easy way to setup your layout to protect your hard earned Resources!

Ultimate Defense Tactics 2 (Hybrid Layout)
Flexible layout which allow you to modify based on your play style/activeness

Clash of Clans Game Mechanics
In case you still don't know what Game Mechanics are, I recommend you go to Attack Tactics page to read and try to understand the basic element of Clash of Clans.


  1. What do you mean with " being addicted enough? What do you need to do to get acces?

    1. Actually we are now making ourselves to be more addicted enough to complete this section for you. Please be patience while we dive into every details of the game.

    2. Ah, good luck. And how do you get access to the troops section or is that also in progress?

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