New Level 6 Units

Version 3.25 New Level 6 Units [05 February 2013]

Cool New Leaderboards

  • Climb to the top of your Clan; see who’s on the rise and who’s falling
  • New local Leaderboards: who’s the best player in your country?
  • Clan members who recently joined tagged as “New”
  • Supersize my Leaderboards! More players now fit onboard
New Level 6 Units

New unit upgrades!
  • Upgrade your Laboratory to unlock these mighty level 6 units:
  • Barbarians get sharper swords and mighty horned helmets
  • Archers get new bow techniques and fashionable tiaras from their Queen
  • Giants are heartier and hairier than ever
  • Balloons are pimped out with spikes and the Jolly Roger
Air Bomb Seeking Air Mine

Air-tight air defense!
  • New deadly traps to stop airborne attackers: Air Bomb and Seeking Air Mine
  • Upgrade your Air Defense turrets to level 7 to shoot down the nastiest dragons
  • Turn enemy balloons into pincushions with the level 11 Archer Tower
Hero improvements!
  • Heroes recover health faster thanks to the Alchemists’ new sleep potion
  • Hero level and stats are now displayed correctly when visiting villages
  • Heroes now patrol a larger area and show guard radius when tapped
Gameplay improvements!
  • We discovered that metal armor conducts electrickery! P.E.K.K.A is now a priority target and receives extra damage from Hidden Teslas
  • Spell creation times reduced – blast more magic more often
  • Notification when your troops are ready for battle (Army Camps full)
  • Wall levels 9 and 10 strengthened: hold off the rampaging hordes for longer
  • Shop now notifies when new items are available
  • New Achievements: Heroic Heist and Mortar Mauler
  • Tapping a trap shows its trigger radius


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