News Extra Air Defense

Chief, breaking news! Now you can ramp up your defenses with an extra Air Defense (TH8)!! Let's fry them Dragons!!

Clash of Clans News

Tactical Analysis

From this news, Town Hall level 8 and 9 access to extra Air Defense (AD).
Town Hall level 8 now have 3 Air Defense total.
Town Hall level 9 now have 4 Air Defense total.

If you were following the battles in high trophy level, you will know that 11 to 12 Dragons attack and 3-4 Lightning spells always guarantee a win (plus Heroes). Basically, this extra AD try to balance the game, so that players need to be more creative or at least have to find new way to attack the base.

This extra Air Defense weaken any Attack Tactics that involve Air Troops such as Mass Dragon, Healer-Giant combo.