Abandoned or Inactive Village

Abandoned or Inactive Village (Bonus stage)
Have you ever spent all your troops to break into the inner core and successfully destroyed all Storages just to find out that most resources are actually kept in the Mines and Collectors?

Have you ever seen large amount of available loot, and have to press next because all Storages are highly defended in the middle core? What you didn’t notice is that the resources are actually in the Mines and Collectors for easy grab.

If you read this tactics, you won’t regret for making that wrong attack again.

Clash of Clans Tactics
Builders are sleeping and no league badge!
Abandoned or Inactive Village is basically the village that player don’t login for a while, either because they are too busy in real life, have a long vacation trip or just already quit the game. Since they don’t login for a long period of time, the resources are accumulated in Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors and Dark Elixir Drill.

Most of the available loot resources are in the Mines/Collectors, not in the Storages. For typical farmer, this kind of village is considered as a bonus stage because you spend fewer troops to gain large amount of resources.

Below are the lists of thing you can use to check for Abandoned Village;
  • Full/Half Full graphic of Mines, Collectors, Drill (There is graphical bug/glitch that sometime Full Collectors show empty. Drill graphic is the most reliable one to look at)
  • Rounded Figures of available loot
  • Sleeping sign from Builder’s Hut (cannot use in very high trophy level because their village are maxed)
  • Unassigned League Badge (cannot use on the day league reset)
  • Tomb Stone left on the battlefield (Be careful that some players intentionally don’t collect tomb stone to deceive attacker)
  • Empty X-Bow
  • No Clan Shield (cannot use for low level player which not yet join a clan)
Clash of Clans Tactics
From the top right, half-fulled Gold Mine shows some gold in the bucket.
In the middle, show more gold in the bucket.
And full Gold Mine shows full gold in the bucket with some spill out.
The lists can be effectively use as a screening tool to quickly determine whether the village is abandoned. Sometimes you need one or more factors to assure before deploy the troops for easy loot.
The best way to prove is actually deploying an Archer to test on isolated Mines/Collectors. The amount of resource gained per attack can be range from few hundreds to thousand.

Finally, you may encounter the village with available loot more than the loot limit which is 198,000 (assume no loot penalty) such as 400,000 Gold and 400,000 Elixir. This is also Abandoned village with resources are both in Storages and Collectors. You can plan an all out attack to get them all or spend fewer troops just to loot form Mines and Collectors.