Advanced Attack Tactics

Advanced Attack Tactics
Advanced tactics to strategically analyze target village, effectively deploy troops in sequential fashion and successfully obtain desired Resources.

1) Wisely spend first 30 seconds
First 30 seconds are given to you to decide whether to attack the village. This can be used to spot the strength and weakness of target village. Below are the lists you should do every time you attempt to attack any village.
  • Locate Clan Castle and Heroes Altar location; also plan how to lure them out
  • Find outstanding empty 2x2 spaces as possible location of Hidden Tesla 
  • Locate your target Storages (Don’t forget to check for Abandoned Village in case Resources are actually in the Mines/Collectors)
  • Plan your approach direction, which side to attack and troop deployment. Determine how many Wall Breakers you plan to use, which compartment need to open up.
Once practice enough, you will sequentially do the above steps in mind within 30 seconds.

2) Lure Clan Castle troops and Heroes out of the base
You don’t want to fight with Clan Castle troops and Heroes while defense buildings are shooting on your army. You need to lure them out to the corner or out of defense buildings range and kill them softly using Barbarians and Archers. If Clan Castle is located deep in the middle of the base and cannot be lured out, use 1 Lightning Spell.

Special Tactics: Carry 5 Minions for ground troops and Barbarian King. Once lure them out, 5 Minions can freely kill ground troops. Barbarian King will try to walk back to his Altar, you can deploy 1 Barb or Archer to lure him back and let Minions do the job.

3) Archers to pick off free outside buildings
Determine which buildings are placed out of defense building range; deploy Archers to clear them first. This allows your Barbarians to not get stuck attacking these buildings while getting hit by defense towers.

Normally you can deploy 1 Archer per building which takes around 20-30 sec to destroy, except some buildings with high hit points such as 2 Archers for Army Camp, 3-4 Archers for Clan Castle and 6 Archers for Town Hall.

4) Barbarians as Minesweeper and Spring Trap clearing 
Deploy few Barbarians to clear the path is one of the good tactics, especially against Spring Trap to avoid your Giants demise.

Bomb and Spring Trap are usually placed where the base looks weak, which persuade Attacker to deploy troops there. Sometimes Spring Traps are placed in front of defense tower outside wall; this is normal tactics to easily spring Giants up into the sky.

5) Into the real fight!
Depend on your Army combination which will vary your sequence of Attack.

For normal troop combination, you start with deploying 1-2 Giants as a decoy, and follow up with Wall Breakers to open up the 1st layer of wall. Then, deploy Barbs and Archers for more damage output along with few Giants for more distraction. Deploy Wall Breakers to break through 2nd layer, and more Giants, Barbs, Archers.

Deploy Goblins when the coast is clear for now easy accessible Storages. If there is Wizard Tower protecting the Storages, try to deploy Goblins in 3 – 4 small groups, one group at a time. Notes that you need to clear Gold Mines and Elixir Collector in the perimeter in that area before you deploy Goblins. Otherwise, your Goblins will run wild and target those Mines outside (which is closer) instead of Storages inside.

6) Clean-up phase using spare troops
Depend on your tactics; you may want to deploy all of your army for full force attack. Or you may keep some spare troops in your pocket (preferably Archers, Goblins or Minions) for the clean-up. When you want to win, you don’t want to see all troops die while stopping at 49% damage. Or for the Resources, after the dust settle, few Archers may be able to easily get to the undefended Storage.