Aesop's Fables - Master and his pets

Aesop's Fables (Somewhat) - Master, his pets and the borrower

I went to sleep last night and had no idea that was where the story begins....

Someone came to visit my village on 8th street. At first, I don't know what his intention is.
What I only know is that he called down 3 mighty zeus spell straight from the sky, and my precious 493 liters of black oil were missing.

The problem is that I don't know this guy before, and he is the one who find my village first. Moreover, even with my house is nicely open out of the fence, he not even send one of his underling to knock on my door and tell me exactly what he want.

My pets are starting to go frenzy. Without choice, I use magical envelope to trace him back to his village. This is where I find out his intention.

He lives on 9th street. His village is nicely decorated surrounded with pink and purple walls, and there might be a festival coming soon because I see 4 small fireworks are placed around the village.

Looking in the middle of his village, I notice that he's saving lots of black oil, around 35K, and soon he will use that to trade for a lovely girl. I shrug and say to my pets that it's ok if he just want to borrow our oil because he seem to really need the girl more than us, and we will just get it back later.

However, my pets don't agree and I begin to lose control of them. I know I have to call him and ask back for what he borrowed earlier. I quickly send down my men and women to knock on his black house. To no avail, nobody call back. Suddenly 7 of my black wingy pets go wild, fly all over half of his village, rain down pure flame.

While I get back 1,910 liters of black oil along with some coin and juice, I really feel regret to him and want to tell him that my pets just want to do their faithful duty. I come home and the story ends there....

Moral of this story: Make sure you stay home, when someone try to collect the debt from you.