Basic Attack Tactics

Basic Attack Tactics
Basic tactics for newbie, starting player who want to know how to properly prepare troops and attack other players.

1) Wait for full Army Camp
Why go on a fight by giving yourself handicap? Take your time and wait until your Army Camps are full. Patience is the virtue of this game!

2) Queue more troops in the Barracks before attacking
Barracks are always training troops for you as long as you queue them, when you start searching for village to attack, even the Army Camps are full. Enjoy your mighty troops when you come back from battle.

3) Mix your troops for effective army
Try not to have army with only one single type of troop. Army of 200 Barbarians or 200 Archers is not as effective as 100 Barbarians and 100 Archers, and so on.

Each troop has its own purpose/specialty. Learn basic mechanic of each troop and utilize them as much as possible. Bring some Giants for distraction/meat shield, some Wall Breakers for…err…breaking the walls. One typical set of 200 space army comprise of 10 Giants, 10 Wall Breakers, 70 Archers, 40 Barbarians, 20 Goblins.

4) Remember what are in your Clan Castle 
Clan Castle troop is additional troops you can deploy besides normal Army space you have. Problem is that if you don’t remember, you won’t know what will come out of Clan Castle.

Sometimes you use Clan Castle as last resort to get 50% Damage or exposed Storage. When you normally expect 20 Archers coming out to seal the deal, you instead release precious Dragon to easily die by Air Defense.

5) Know your Army Strength vs. Target Village
Don’t mess with dual X-Bow when you have only lowly troops, period.

Participate only fight you win, this is easy to say but require a lot of experience to know which village you should attack or avoid. It also depends on your army troop combination. You may encounter weak village with strong Air Defense that your air army cannot effectively attack.

6) Plan what and how much resources you want
Unless you are trophy hunting, ask yourself before go out to attack. Do you want Gold or Elixir or both, or want to prioritize Dark Elixir? For example, it’s ok to get at least 75,000 Gold for weak village, 100,000 Gold for decent village and 150,000 Gold for strong village. This reflects to how many troops you need to use in attack.

7) Don’t miss easy Resources!
Abandoned or Inactive village is the easiest way to gain lots of Resources. Read more details in Abandoned Village post (

After finish reading this Basic Attack Tactics, you should know how to prepare your army and make simple attack. Now you should go and learn more by reading Advanced Attack Tactics.


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