What is Mortar?
Mortar is your first accessible splash defense building. It is the most important defense building in the early to mid-stage of the game to help defending your village against lots of Barbarians and Archers. Prioritize your Mortar as suggested in Advanced Defense Tactics.

Defense Tactics
The Mortar can mow down hordes of enemies by the splash damage from its shell.
Don’t let enemies get too close to it!
Mortar Fact (at level 1)
Damage per second = 4
Hit points = 400
Range = 4 – 11
Damage type = Area Splash
Targets = Ground
Favorite Target = Any

Don’t be fooled by its extremely low damage per second. Because it takes 5 second between each shot, the damage per shot is equal to 5 times the damage per second. Since Archer is usually the main troop, upgrade Mortar as fast as you can to one hit kill Archer.
Clash of Clans Tactics
9 Damage per second is equal to 45 Damage per shot, simply one hit kill Archer level 6!
Mortar - one hit kill - Archer
Mortar level 1 deals 20 damage per shot, thus one hit kill Archer level 1.
Mortar level 2 deals 25 damage per shot, thus one hit kill Archer level 2.
Mortar level 3 deals 30 damage per shot, thus one hit kill Archer level 3.
Mortar level 4 deals 35 damage per shot, thus one hit kill Archer level 4.
Mortar level 5 deals 40 damage per shot, thus one hit kill Archer level 5.
Mortar level 6 deals 45 damage per shot, thus one hit kill Archer level 6.

Defense Tactics for Mortar
1) Mortar coverage entire base
Symmetrically place your Mortar behind wall, preferably in the second layer. This is good position to shoot at troops hitting your 1st layer of wall while lessen the chance of enemy troop to reach Mortar’s blind spot. 2 Mortars should be placed in the opposite of side of the base, while 3 Mortars should create virtual triangle shape.

Attack Tactics against Mortar
1) Use decoy to lure Mortar shot
Use one Giant to lure Mortar shot, as long as that Giant is still alive, Mortar will keep shooting at it. Then deploy bunch of Archers to quickly destroy the Mortar.

2) Spread out troops
Avoid deploying lot of Barbarians and Archers in the same spot; try to spread them out to lessen the splash damage.

3) Rush to close range/blind spot
If Mortar is too exposed and easy to reach, just deploy Barbarians because Mortar cannot shoot at them.


  1. Mortars are good defense. I still have 5 mortars on my village..

  2. Interesting tactic is to overswarm mortar with goblins

    since mortar needs 5 seconds to shoot if you destroy target faster than in 5 seconds and move away you will dodge ball.

    same is probably valid for rage spell but I did not tested