What is X-Bow?
I don’t know what X-Bow is, I know only Fire Hose of Death…….
Seriously, continuous shot of pink Elixir out of the X-Bow resemble the water coming out of the fire hose, combined with rapid damage output results in death all over the battlefield.

X-Bow is the very strong defense building coming with Town Hall 9 at 27 October 2012 updates. It is the only building in the game that can adjust the range and Ground & Air targets.

Clash of Clans Tactics
The X-Bow shoots mystical bolts with terrifying power. Load it with Elixir and the X-Bow works automatically. You can set it to target ground units at long ranges, or all targets at reduced range.
Here’s a preview video showing off X-Bow;

The Grand reveal of X-Bow! See this weapon in action as it mows down a group of Archers in Ground Defense mode. Choose it to target only ground units at extended range, or set the X-Bow to target both air and ground units at shorter range. The X-Bow uses Elixir for ammunition, and needs to be reloaded occasionally.

X-Bow Fact (at level 1)
Damage per second = 50
Loading cost = 50,000 Elixir
Hit points = 1,500
Range = 11 tiles // Targets = Ground and Air
Range = 14 tiles // Targets = Ground
Damage type = Single Target
Favorite Target = Any
Clash of Clans Tactics

Clash of Clans Tactics

X-Bow shoots at extremely fast rate of 0.128 second per shot (≈ 1/8 second), combining with its very long range make X-Bow one of the most intimidating defense buildings to ward off attacker. Due to fast shot rate, X-Bow deals very little damage per shot. This is actually a strong point of X-Bow because the damage is minimally wasted.

X-Bow – to kill – Wall Breaker level 5
X-Bow level 1 deals 6.4 damage per shot, thus takes 7 shots (0.896 second) to kill Wall Breaker level 5.
X-Bow level 2 deals 7.68 damage per shot, thus takes 6 shots (0.768 second) to kill Wall Breaker level 5.
X-Bow level 3 deals 9.6 damage per shot, thus takes 5 shots (0.640 second) to kill Wall Breaker level 5.
X-Bow level 4 deals 10.24 damage per shot, thus takes 5 shots (0.640 second) to kill Wall Breaker level 5.

Unless Wall Breakers are deployed in group, X-Bow can easily kill it before it can explode itself.

Should I set X-Bow to ground only for long range?
Similar to Air Defense tactics, if you stay in low trophy range, setting X-Bow to ground only gives you long range coverage from X-Bow.

Also depending on Air Defense placement, you can set X-Bow to ground only and have some Air Defenses near center of your base. Or set X-Bow to ground & air while place Air Defenses at base perimeter.
Clash of Clans Tactics
Upper left is X-Bow set to Ground, while lower right is X-Bow set to both Ground & Air.
Defense Tactics for X-Bow
1) Base Coverage
Just place your X-Bow behind 2nd layer of wall, one at each opposite side. This is good position to cover your entire base; also they can cover and protect each other.

2) Center focus
Place both X-Bow deep in the middle of your base inside the last layer of Wall, protecting either Town Hall or Storages. This is one of the strongest placements if you can sacrifice the space in the middle.

3) Deceiving // Forcing attacker
Place both X-Bow on one side of the base, making that side look stronger than another. But actually the placement of the side without X-Bow is stronger, for example more splash damage, more trap or more Hidden Tesla. This is to deceive or force attacker to deploy troops from specific side.

This tactics is a bit risky which depends on attacker skill & experience.

Attack Tactics against X-Bow
1) Do everything quick!
Only tactics that can beat X-Bow is the quick action. You cannot slowroll at the presence of X-Bow. Because X-Bow is always shooting at your troops, you can’t wait the time to pass by for any second. Make sure you spend first 30 seconds to analyze the base and plan the whole sequence of troop deployment.

2) Fly over!
If the X-Bow is set to ground only, flying troops are your best bet.

3) Decoy/Distraction & Healers
Deploy Golem, P.E.K.K.A or Barbarian King to be decoy/distraction for X-Bow absorbing all damage and use few Healers to counteract the received damage. Then, deploy your main force to attack the base.

4) If you can’t beat it, just ignore it.
Yes, you don’t read it wrong. Just ignore the X-Bow. X-Bow level 1 is not that strong compared to other defenses. It just has long range and always dealing damage. While it’s easy to swarm the X-Bow, due to its high hit points, Barbarian and Archers are usually dead by splash damage before taking the X-Bow down.

If you aim for Resources, just ignore the X-Bow and focus straight to the Storages.


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  2. I have 2 level1 xbows and i dont know to set it to ground only or air and ground............. I have 4 level 5 air defences... So amy idea on which to set it to please?