Archer Queen

What are Heroes?
Heroes can attack enemy villages or guard your village. Heroes can be injured, but are immortal. Heal them by letting them sleep or using the Heal button (using Gems). Heroes won’t defend the village while sleeping.

Who is Archer Queen?
She is deadly accurate! She wields an X-Bow! She has great fashion sense!

The Archer Queen is believed to be an Archer consuming Dark Elixir and became bigger. She is strong enough to carry an X-Bow, also wearing tiara as a queen.

Clash of Clans
The Archer Queen is an eagle-eyed warrior, whose weapon of choice is a modified X-Bow that few men could dream of wielding. She can attack enemy villages or guard your village.
Is Archer Queen worth the initial cost of 40,000 Dark Elixir? 
While initial cost of Archer Queen is four times more expensive than Barbarian King. She is worth every drop of Dark Elixir you spent to recruit her. She has ranged attack which offsets her low hit point compared to Barbarian King.

The best recommendation is saving at least 40,000 Dark Elixir while your Town Hall is being upgraded to Town Hall level 9. When Town Hall upgrade is finished, instantly buy Archer Queen with available builder.
Clash of Clans
Nothing can beat instant buy of Archer Queen after reaching Town Hall level 9!
Clash of Clans

Archer Queen Strong Points
1) Long range (5 tiles)
She has attack range of 5 tiles which is the longest attack range of all troops in the game. This long range makes her a very effective damage dealer and allows her to avoid becoming target of defense buildings. When deployed properly, she will be unharmed which allow you to use her in every combat for free!

2) Can hit both Ground & Air target
Similar to Archer, she can hit any targets including Dragons. This makes her very important piece to defend the village in high trophy range.

Archer Queen Fact (at level 1)
Damage per sec = 120
Hit points = 675
Regeneration time = 60 minutes
Favorite target = Any
Damage type = Single Target
Targets = Ground & Air
Movement speed = 24
Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Archer Queen attacks at the speed of 0.75 second per shot. Therefore, at level 1, she deals 90 damages per shot. For example, on attack;
Archer Queen level 1 alone can destroy Mortar level 6 in 7 shots (5.25 seconds).
Archer Queen level 1 alone can destroy Wizard Tower level 6 in 9 shots (6.75 seconds).

For example, on defense;
Archer Queen level 1 alone can kill one Giant level 6 in 9 shots (6.75 seconds).
Archer Queen level 1 alone can kill one Dragon level 3 in 26 shots (19.50 seconds).

Attack Tactics for Archer Queen
1) Damage Dealer/Sniper support
Deploy Archer Queen after your main troops. Use other troops such as Giants to receive damage while she deals lots of damage. Notes that she has longer range than your other troops so she is easily to walk and attack unusual target, or stop to attack far building behind the Wall. To avoid this, you can try to deploy troops to destroy buildings in linear plane, so that Archer Queen will continue to focus and attack directly to the middle of the base.

2) Spare Reinforcement, Building pick-off
To ensure of zero received damage to be able to use Archer Queen in every battle, you need to wait and deploy her only if you are certain that there is no defense building in that area to attack her.

Sometime, after the dust settle, Storage is exposed out of defense building range. Just deploy her to pick off that Storage or leftover buildings.

Defense Tactics for Archer Queen
1) Duo with Clan Castle
Place Archer Queen deep in the middle of the base next to Clan Castle. This prevent attacker to easily lure her out of the base. She is good on taking down incoming Giants and other troops by shooting over Walls without chance to be retaliated.

2) Sleep Zzzz
If you are a farmer and stay at low trophy range, you may prefer to use her on attack only. So it’s better to always have her on sleep mode which allows you to use her any time you login.


  1. Archer queen is more than twice as powerfull as xbow times more powerful than X-bow

    I wonder why mobile version of same weapon is so much stronger than stationary device and does not even need elixir.

    1. That's like QUADRUPLE times of a of a cannon twice

    2. Cos Queen can headshot mofos while distracting with tittys