Dark Elixir Drill

What is Dark Elixir, and what does it can be used for?
Dark Elixir Resource is used to buy and upgrade Heroes. It is a powerful version of normal Elixir which can be used to train and upgrade Dark Elixir troops. It is also used to buy Seeking Air Mine Trap and fuel Inferno Tower.

How can I obtain Dark Elixir?
There are 3 ways to obtain Dark Elixir. First is using Gems to instantly buy it. Second is loot from other players. And the third is collecting from your own Dark Elixir Drill.

So Dark Elixir Drill is similar to Elixir Collector?
Yes, it is. The Drill is basically accumulating Dark Elixir Resource for you over time; you can collect it by tapping on it. Dark Elixir Drill can be looted by attacking player at the percentage up to 75%. This should be noted as when you are seeing large quantity of available Dark Elixir to loot, if it is abandoned village, you can easily grab Dark Elixir by destroying the Drill and don’t have to bother with Dark Elixir Storage.

Clash of Clans
Our Alchemists have finally figured a way to extract pure Dark Elixir, the rarest form of the magical substance.
Dark Elixir Drill Fact (level 1)
Capacity = 120
Production Rate = 20
Hit Points = 400
Time to max capacity = 6 hours
Clash of Clans

Dark Elixir Drill Tactics
Resource Tactics
1) If you do not usually log in and collect Resources every 6 hours, you better upgrade Dark Elixir Drill to level 2 or 3. Otherwise, you will lose the chance to get more Dark Elixir due to full Drill.

2) While the Drill has very low production rate compared to looting, it is advisable to build and upgrade the Drill. This small amount can help the overall community and offset Dark Elixir you lose when gets attacked.

Attack Tactics
1) You can use Dark Elixir Drill as an indicator of Abandoned Village or how long that player is inactive. For example, 90 Dark Elixir is 75% of 120 Dark Elixir from full Dark Elixir Drill level 1, which means that player is inactive for at least 6 hours.

2) Dark Elixir Drill is usually placed at the position that you can easily reach. If you are aiming to get enough Dark Elixir for specific buy or upgrade, you can use only few troops to just destroy the Drill and surrender.


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