Defense Buildings

Defense Tactics is the important aspect of Clash of Clans.
Learn how to build, upgrade and position Defense Buildings are very crucial process.

This section gives you all details and insights of the best utilization and counter tactics against each Defense Building.

Clash of Clans

First accessible defense building in the game
Cheap and fast to build and upgrade
Backbone of your village since the beginning until the high-end level village

Archer Tower
First accessible defense building against air troop
Shoots a little bit slower than Cannon, but more range
Another backbone of your village

First accessible splash defense building, slow but long range
Most important defense building in the early to mid-stage of the game
Good against group of Barbarians and Archers

Air Defense
Specifically designed to be powerful defense building against air troops
Weak point: cannot attack ground troops

Wizard Tower
Second accessible splash defense building
Short range but more damage than Mortar
Important in the mid-stage of the game against group of Barbarians, Archers and Goblins

Hidden Tesla
Tricky defense building
Only building in the game that stays hidden until attacking enemy comes close

Fastest shot rate and longest range defense building in the game
Can be adjusted to target both Ground & Air troops with shorter range

Inferno Tower
Progressive and very high damage output
Good against high hit point troop like P.E.K.K.A, Golem and Heroes


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