Elixir Collector

What is Elixir, and what does it can be used for?
Elixir Resource is used to train and upgrade troops. It is also used to upgrade Barrack, Dark Barrack, Laboratory, Spell, Spell Factory, Army Camp and use as an ammo for X-Bow.

How can I obtain Elixir?
There are 3 ways to obtain Elixir. First is using Gems to instantly buy it. Second is loot from other players or Goblin campaign. And the third is collecting from your own Elixir Collector.

Clash of Clans
Elixir is pumped from the Ley Lines coursing underneath your village. Upgrade your Elixir Collectors to maximize Elixir production.
Elixir Collector Fact (level 1)
Capacity = 500
Production Rate = 200 per hour
Hit Points = 400
Time to max capacity = 2 hours 30 minutes
Available loot = 50% i.e. Attacker can steal 50% of the amount in Elixir Collector

Should I upgrade Elixir Collector, and to what level?
Because Elixir Collector does not function while it is being upgraded, therefore, players always question of when and how to upgrade Elixir Collector. Also, the cost of upgrade is very low, when you don’t have time to loot the Resources for another upgrade, it is better to upgrade Elixir Collectors than let your builder sleep.

1) Upgrade all to level 5
At level 5, Elixir Collector has significant increase in Storage capacity to 10,000 which takes 10 hours to accumulate until it is full. Upgrade all Elixir Collectors to at least level 5 allow you to stay offline for a long time. Otherwise, you have to log in very often to collect the Resources, or losing the opportunity to accumulate more.

2) Upgrade all to level 8
Time to upgrade Elixir Collector increase in each level; it takes 1 day to upgrade Elixir Collector from level 7 to level 8. By not spending too much time of the Builders, this is another level to consider upgrading Elixir Collectors to. Beyond this level, it takes 2 – 4 days to upgrade.

3) Upgrade all to max level
It takes over 60 days to get a return from upgrading Elixir Collector to max level. Simple answer is that if you play more than 60 days, you will eventually make a profit from fully upgraded Elixir Collector. Also, in high trophy range, cost of making troops is much more than you can get in return by looting from another player; therefore you need to heavily rely on Elixir Collectors.

Elixir Collector Tactics
Defense Tactics
1) If you often collect Resources, you don’t have to worry about losing Elixir from Elixir Collectors. Place all Elixir Collectors outside as a buffer.

2) Spread out Elixir Collectors outside Walls around the village. Make attacking Goblins run in circle before going straight to the Storages.

3) Place some Elixir Collectors inside Walls before Storages. When attacker break the Walls and send Goblins in, they will be distracted by Elixir Collectors which allow your Defense Buildings to take them down before they can steal Resources from Storages.

Attack Tactics
1) Look for Abandoned Village, 50% available loot in Elixir Collectors is like bonus mission. Few Goblins or Archers can quickly grab 100,000+ Elixir.

2) Upgrading Elixir Collector contains zero Gold. Don’t bother attacking it unless you need to.


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