Elixir Storage

What is Elixir, and what does it can be used for?
Elixir Resource is used to train and upgrade troops. It is also used to upgrade Barrack, Dark Barrack, Laboratory, Spell, Spell Factory, Army Camp and use as ammo for X-Bow.

How can I obtain Elixir?
There are 3 ways to obtain Elixir. First is using Gems to instantly buy it. Second is loot from other players or Goblin campaign. And the third is collecting from your own Elixir Collector.

Clash of Clans
These storages contain the elixir pumped from underground. Upgrade them to increase the maximum amount of elixir you can store.
Elixir Storage Fact (level 1)
Capacity = 1500
Hit Points = 400
Available loot = 20% and capped at 198,000 (without any loot modifier)
Attacker can steal 20% of the amount in Elixir Storage but not more than total of 198,000 combined from all Elixir Storages.

Should I upgrade Elixir Storage to max level?
Yes, you should. More Storage capacity allow you to save lots of Elixir for the next upgrade, and also increase hit points of the Storage making it last longer from attack.

Should I build additional Elixir Storage as soon as the new one is available?
Not necessary, this depends on your play style and your village defense tactics.

At Town Hall level 8, should I have 2 or 3 Elixir Storages?
From Town Hall level 3 to level 7, you should have 2 Elixir Storages. When you upgrade Town Hall to level 8, you will have an option to build additional Elixir Storage.

Building third Elixir Storage allow you to store more Elixir, this is great for player who have lots of time to play enough to loot millions of Elixir from other players. 3 Elixir Storages also fit with separated compartment tactics. Attacker need to break more Walls or attack from different direction to get to all 3 Elixir Storages. And because available loot from Elixir Storage are capped at 198,000 Elixir, losing 1 from 3 Elixir Storages means losing only 66,000 Elixir (instead of 99,000 Elixir by losing 1 from 2 Elixir Storages).

Having said that, to play with only 2 Elixir Storages has its own benefit. Basically, needless to protect more Storage, your base will be more compact with better defense coverage. While it is against Advanced Defense Tactics, if you have enough splash damage against Goblins, it is viable to put all Storages together for all or nothing tactics.

This tactics can be applied to Town Hall level 9 which ask whether they should build forth Elixir Storages or not.

Elixir Storage Tactics
Defense Tactics
1) Separate Elixir Storages in different compartment. Make attacker to destroy more Walls in order to get to all Storages.

2) When your Elixir Storages are empty, you can put Elixir Storage outside as a buffer to slow down attacker.

On the other hand, at some point, you may encounter Elixir overflow which is you have full Elixir Storages with nothing to upgrade using Elixir. You may put Elixir Storage outside as a buffer to slow down attacker, or as a bait to lure attackers then revenge them later.

3) At high trophy range where you prefer trophy over Resource, because Elixir Storage has high hit point (2,016 at level 11), you can use Elixir Storage as a buffer to slow down attacker.

Attack Tactics
1) Take into account how many Elixir Storages you will be able to destroy. When you see available loot of 198,000 Elixir but your troop can get to only 2 of 4 Elixir Storages, it means your loot will be only 99,000 Elixir. Therefore, it may be better to attack village with less loot but guarantee to get to all Storages.

2) Don’t get so hasty when you see Elixir Storage exposed outside Walls. It may be empty and Elixir is actually in the Elixir Collectors instead, so don’t forget to check whether it is Abandoned Village.

3) Carry few Minions. Sometimes Minion can destroy free Elixir Storage without Air Defense or Archer Tower around. Or after big wave of your attack, Elixir Storage may exposed to your Minion allow for easy grab.


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