What are Heroes?
Heroes can attack enemy villages or guard your village. Heroes can be injured, but are immortal. Heal them by letting them sleep or using the Heal button (using Gems). Heroes won’t defend the village while sleeping.

Two Heroes: Barbarian King and Archer Queen were introduced on Jun 2013 (Heroes updates). Barbarian King is available at Town Hall level 7, while Archer Queen is available at Town Hall level 9. Originally, they can be upgraded to level 30. Later, Town Hall level 10 update on May 2013 allow both to be at level 40 maximum.
Clash of Clans
Mighty Barbarian King & Deadly Archer Queen!
Here’s the preview video showing off 2 Heroes: Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

Having Heroes in your army provides lots of advantage.
  • Heroes are not count into your Army Camp space. You can have the same number of troops available in Army Camp with Heroes as extra troops.
  • After spend some Dark Elixir to recruit them to your village, no more resource is needed to use them.


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