Jump Spell

What is Spell?
From the Spell Factory, you can create powerful spells that can be used when attacking enemy villages. Spells requires Elixir to create.

Do we need to use spell in the battle?
You don’t have to use spell in the battle. But at the expense of some Elixir, you can use these powerful Attack Spells to turn the tide of battle in your favor! Practice and you shall master!

Clash of Clans
The Alchemists’ newest invention, the Jump Spell, has been brewing in many Spell Factories! Have you cast the Jump Spell in combat yet, or have enemies been Jumping over your walls?
Here’s a preview video showing off Jump Spell;

Trouble with Walls?
Vault over them with *Jump Spell*

Clash of Clans

When you upgrade Spell Factory to level 4, you gain access to the fourth spell of the game: Jump Spell. Unlike other Spells, Jump Spell modifies your troop movement. Your troop will move as though Walls in the Jump Spell area don’t exist.

Jump Spell Fact (at level 1)
Size limit = 4
Cost = 30,000 Elixir
Effect type = Area Splash
Time to create = 45 mins
Targets = Ground

Upgrade Jump Spell to level 2 increases size limit to 30 which allows all ground troops including Giant, P.E.K.K.A, Golem and Heroes to jump over the Walls.

Clash of Clans

Attack Tactics for Jump Spell
1) Moat base
The base with separated 2-3 layers of Walls in all direction can be hard to conquer. Your troops may be diverted/funnel through the corridor which cripple your troop movement especially Giants.

No need to rely on Wall Breakers deployment, Jump Spell allows you to unleash all troops directly to the center of the base, whether you are aiming for Town Hall or Resources.

2) Jumping Goblins!!!
Use Jump Spell to bypass the Walls and have your Goblins make a short work on those Storages. While Rage Spell is better to crack through one layer of Walls, Jump Spell is superior when you are facing 2-3 layers of Walls or the segmentation where each Storages has each own compartment.

Defense Tactics for Jump Spell
1) Strong Defense Buildings
Jump Spell just nullifies your hard built Walls. While it is possible to create a layout to counter Jump Spell, it is very rare to get attack by Jump Spell. You better rely on strong defense and simply try to upgrade your defense buildings.

2) Storage Separation
Separate each Storage in each compartment and far away from each other as much as possible. This tactics makes Jump Spell less effective.