What is Spell?
From the Spell Factory, you can create powerful spells that can be used when attacking enemy villages. Spells requires Elixir to create.

Do we need to use spell in the battle?
You don’t have to use spell in the battle. But at the expense of some Elixir, you can use these powerful Attack Spells to turn the tide of battle in your favor! Practice and you shall master!

Clash of Clans

This section gives you all details and insights of the best utilization and counter tactics against each Spell.

Lightning Spell
Direct damage area effect
Good for destroying Archers from Clan Castle
Good for destroying key defense building such as Mortar or Air Defense

Healing Spell
Heal support to your Giants, Wizards or Dragons

Rage Spell
Rage your Dragons against heavy Air Defense
Raging Goblins to destroy Storages in a blink of an eye!

Jump Spell
Jump your troops over high level Walls
Jumping Goblins directly to the Storages

Freeze Spell
Inferno Tower is too hot? Just cool them down with Freeze Spell.
Freeze key defense buildings and march your army to victory!


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