Ultimate Defense (Farming Layout)

Ultimate Defense Tactics!
What is your Defense buildings level? What are your Walls? What is your village layout?
Here’s our village;

Clash of Clans

Do you notice what the key component for Ultimate Defense is?

No, it’s not Clan Castle in the center.
No, it’s not dual X-Bow.
No, it’s not high level of Splash Defense.
No, it’s not Wall placement that can impede Wall Breakers.
No, it’s not Skull Walls level 8.

Yes, at the bottom right…….it is exposed & undefended Town Hall.

Surest ways to prevent your village from getting attacked are…….Stay online and Shield. Seriously, whether you are top player of the world or just playing for fun, stay online all the time or have a shield is 100% foolproof Defense Tactics. Let’s break these down;

1) Stay online
Yes, if you have free time. You can just stay online, keep attacking, gaining trophy and Resources. But I’m sure most of us have real life. This option seems not practical.

2) Shield
Ok, I have spare Gems; maybe I can just buy one-day Shield?
No, don’t buy Shield; it’s a waste of Gems for any player who is not interested in trophy.

Why don’t you just put Town Hall outside same as shown above…?

But attacker will easily destroy my Town Hall, and then I lose immediately?
Yes, that’s the whole point of putting Town Hall outside. You lose little Gold and Elixir in Town Hall and some Trophy in return of guarantee 12 hours shield. See more details here for Game Mechanics.

Town Hall outside as known as “Farming Layout” is the cheap and easy way to have shield as fast as possible after you log off. While the term “Farming” and “Farmer” is subjective and varied by persons, Farming is one of the most common tactics in various games. For example, in role playing game, players spend times staying in specific map or dungeon to collect more experience/resources, prepare their characters before advance to the next chapter in the storyline.

Same as Clash of Clans, due to loot penalty between Town Hall levels, players can stay Farming and try to max their Troops, Defense Buildings, and even Walls before proceed to the next Town Hall level. Basically, Farmers sacrifice short term gains (access to new upgrades/items at the next Town Hall level) for long term benefits (stronger Troops and Defense with less time played).

Here’s short summary for putting Town Hall outside;

  • Loss of Trophy (Farmer don’t care about Trophy)
  • Boring defense Replay
  • No chance to test the strength of defense layout

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  3. Yo im a farmer search up GIZZY GANG and im pandanator my base layout is better than that one because u have to be at least town hall 9 im town hall 6 but my town hall has got two more days to upgrade and im silver leauge 2 which is pretty good 4 a town hall 6 farmer

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