Wall Breaker

What is Wall Breaker?
This little and fragile skeleton is arguably the hardest troop to use effectively. This is due to the complicated Wall Breaker A.I. and game mechanic. However, Wall Breaker is very important troop to help quickly destroy the Walls leading your army to the middle of the base. Notes that it is the only unit in the game that destroy itself when use (one time use only).

Clash of Clans
Nothing warms a Wall Breaker’s cold and undead heart like blowing up Walls. A squad of them will make way for your ground units, and they will do it with a BANG!
Clash of Clans

March 2013 update introduces improved A.I. which allows Wall Breaker to ignore wall “spikes”. Since then, the game is improved and achieves the balance of Wall Breaker usage on both attack and defense. Here’s the preview video showing off improved Wall Breaker A.I.

Disappointed in the standard Wall Breaker?
Confused at how easily foiled they are?
Introducing Wall Breaker’s improved A.I.
Wall Breakers ignores wall “spikes” and targets actual fortifications!
Once the gap is open they will attack deeper into your enemies’ stronghold.

Wall Breaker A.I. & Game Mechanic
How does Wall Breaker choose its target?
  • It will look for nearest building that is trapped (enclosed by Walls).
  • It will choose the shortest path, with the least amount of Walls to break through, towards that building and blow up Walls that are in its way.
  • After the wall is blown up, other Wall Breakers will choose the next building that is still trapped by Walls, run towards it, and blow up Walls that are in its way.
  • If the path (distance) towards building is too long, it will just run toward the nearest Wall and explode. This explains why sometimes wall breaker target partially enclosed building.
  • Wall Breaker will ignore “spikes” and other Wall pieces in front of the main Walls.
So Wall Breakers don’t target Walls anymore?
No. Instead of targeting Walls, they aim at the building that is trapped by Walls. However, they don’t attack the building, and just blow up the Walls that are in their path.

Do Wall Breakers favorite junctions?
No. Wall Breakers will run in a straight line towards the nearest building. When it encounters a Wall, it blows it up.

Wall Breaker Fact (at level 1)
Damage per sec = 12
Hit points = 20
Training Cost = 1,000 Elixir
Favorite target = Walls (Damage x 40)
Damage type = Area Splash (Splash radius = 2 tiles)
Housing Space = 2
Training Time = 2 minutes
Movement speed = 24
Clash of Clans

Wall Breaker – one hit destroy – Walls
Wall Breaker level 1 deals 480 damage, thus destroy Walls level 1.
Wall Breaker level 2 deals 640 damage, thus destroy Walls level 2.
Wall Breaker level 3 and 4 deals 960 and 1280 damage, thus destroy Walls level 4.
Wall Breaker level 5 deals 1840 damage, thus destroy Walls level 5.

2 Wall Breakers level 5 can destroy Walls level 6 – 8.
3 Wall Breakers level 5 can destroy Walls level 9 – 10.

Why spend Gold to upgrade Walls beyond level 6?
There are a lot of arguments to just stop upgrading Walls at only level 6, because Wall level 6 – 8 need the same amount of 2 Wall Breakers level 5 to destroy.

This is true for Wall Breaker but higher level of Walls can sustain more damage from Giants or P.E.K.K.A. And looking from the trend, Wall Breaker level 6 will eventually be released in the future.

Attack Tactics for Wall Breaker
1) Always carrying some Wall Breakers when attacking.
Wall Breakers are dedicated at destroying Walls and can easily destroy Walls in the blink of an eye. Always use them to open up the path for your army to advance into the middle of the base.

One Wall Breaker level 5 can deal 1840 damage, instantly destroy Wall level 5.
Five Giants level 5 deal total of 31*5 = 155 damage per sec which takes 10 seconds to destroy Wall level 5.

2) Distraction/Decoy
Deploy few Barbarians or Giants to distract enemy defense building. Then deploy Wall Breakers to destroy the Walls.

3) Multiple deployments
You can increase the success rate to destroy the Walls by deploy multiple Wall Breakers at once.
  • Deploy two Wall Breakers at the same time; in case one gets shot down by Cannon, Archer Tower or Hidden Tesla.
  • Deploy two Wall Breakers consecutively at least 1 second apart; in case one gets smashed by Mortar or Wizard Tower shot.
  • Deploy multiple Wall Breakers; this tactics help penetrate deep into the base.  After first Wall Breaker destroy 1st layer of Walls, following Wall Breakers will set new target to the next layer of Walls and continue to destroy 2nd layer of Walls.
Defense Tactics for Wall Breaker
1) No double layer of Walls
Area splash damage of 2 radius tiles can easily destroy double layers of Wall at once.

2) No T and X junctions 
To avoid the area splash damage, making each junction at least 2 tiles apart to force Wall breakers to open up each compartment before proceeding further inside the base.
Clash of Clans

3) Funneling by forcing Wall Breaker to run in longer path towards its target
Intentionally place Walls in long segment but not join them as a compartment. Wall Breakers will ignore that Wall segment and run pass to other Walls, thus diverting Wall Breaker from intended path.

This tactics allow your defense building more time to shoot down Wall Breakers and also can be used in conjunction with funneling tactics i.e. predetermine the walking path of enemy Wall Breakers then placing Spring Trap in the funneling path.

4) Hidden Tesla in empty Wall compartment
Place Hidden Tesla in 2x2 space compartment. Firstly, Wall Breaker will see no building and ignore that compartment and try to blow up other Walls. Later, after Hidden Tesla pops up, Wall Breakers will see the Tesla and run toward that compartment try to destroy the Walls.

This tactics give Hidden Tesla a chance to freely kill Wall Breaker and can mess up the sequence of troop deployment resulting in defense advantage.
Clash of Clans


  1. Very nice tips, many thanks

  2. pretty awesome information and well presented. I'm new, just started Coc 4 days ago. already had to spend 40 in dollars to get gems. very addicting. fun game once you start understanding AI strategy. Thanks for the tips.

  3. do the wall breakers go for the higher lvl wall vs the a lower level wall when equal distance away, or is there no preference to the wall breaker?

    1. I think I saw that info in some other thread. They'll go for the lower level wall if both are at same distance.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDI_NXXou5k