July Updates Sneak Peeks

Better late than never.......UPDATE time! after long break.

SHARE REPLAYS TO CLAN CHAT - Attack & Defense!!!
Want to discuss the finer points of Clash of Clans Tactics? Now you can do so with a visual aid!
Coming soon: share your attack and defense replays with your clan mates!
Clash of Clans

Leaderboard Stats - Attacks & Defenses Won!
Chief! You wanted to know what it takes to be on top! Now you'll know with all the attack and defense stats on the leaderboard! How many attack/defense victories do you think it takes to make your local leaderboard?
Clash of Clans

Wall Breaker level 6! Better stats!
What's bony, bomby and coming for your walls? Level 6 wall breakers, that's what. Coming soon with bigger boom! How many WB do you use in each raid?
Clash of Clans

New Dark Barrack level 5!
Let the speculation begin! What new troop will it unleash?
Clash of Clans

The Witch! Summons Fallen Warriors!!!
Introducing: The Witch! With the power of Dark Elixir coursing through her veins, this fearsome enchantress summons fallen warriors to do her bidding. Coming soon to a Dark Barracks near you!
Clash of Clans

It's time for the update!
Read here for complete details of July Updates: The Witch!


  1. Well in the meantime...

    I just created a video on how to overkill with 40 lvl 5 balloons...come check it out..it's epic!