June Updates Freeze Spell Analysis

Tactical Analysis
June Updates: Freeze Spell

It is time to go to Town Hall 10!
Supercell really adds lot of goodies for Town Hall level 10 in this update. High level player who seek trophy cannot stay at Town Hall level 9 to fight 3rd X-Bow, 2nd Inferno Tower, and Cannon level 12. The attack power of Town Hall 10 is also increased from Army Camp level 8 and P.E.K.K.A level 4.

We believe Town Hall 10 will definitely get more attack and defense power in the next few updates.

Clash of Clans

But I am just a farming player? 
Be patient. Rush to Town Hall 10 gives you loot penalty. At Town Hall 9, you better upgrade every Defense Buildings including Wall level 9 or 10, to later have more strength at high trophy range.

How about the impact from new Freeze Spell? 
A lot!!!...for high trophy player.

4-6 second of freezing seems not much. Yes, it’s not much but you can use 2-3 freeze spells consecutively, combining with Rage Spell can be devastating. Reaching centralized Town Hall is relatively easier than ever.

For defensive layout, you should rethink about just putting every Defense Buildings in the middle core. One Freeze Spell can effectively disable group of defense. Basically, it is a good tactic to consider spreading defense building in order to lessen the disability from Freeze Spell.

Are you kidding about Wall level 11?
Yes, it’s real. While the cost is too much, sooner or later, new level of Wall has to be introduced eventually. Wall level 9 and 10 were introduced since Jan 2013 which is 5 months ago.

Hit Point of 7,000 is very high and can hinder advancement of ground troops. These electrified Walls are well worth the cost for top leaderboard. Combining with compartment layout and Cannon level 12, these lead to flying attack tactics. Dragon army becomes viable once again to ignore the Walls. If you can afford Wall level 11, make sure you also properly position Air Defenses for aerial coverage.

Speculation for Next Updates 
Supercell continuously release new contents every updates without sign of holding back. While it's hard to guess which new elements they can add to the game. We believe it's about time for new Dark Elixir troop, seeing that mighty Golem was released since April 2013. Goblin, Wall Breaker and Wizard are also possible to get new level very soon.

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