What is Laboratory?
Laboratory is the most important building for your attack. You can spend Elixir to research/upgrade normal Troops and Spells, and spend Dark Elixir to research/upgrade Dark Elixir Troops. While the research cost is very expensive at high level, it is always worth the cost because after research, your Troops will be permanently upgraded to have better hit points, better damage (training cost is increased as well).

  • Unlike troop training and building upgrade, you cannot cancel the research in Laboratory. 
  • You cannot start any research when Laboratory is being upgraded. 
  • Similarly, if you upgrade Laboratory when research is in progress, the research will pause and resume after upgrade is completed.
Clash of Clans
What dark secrets do the Alchemists hide inside their Laboratory? Nobody has dared to look. All we know is that their research makes our spells and troops harder, better, faster and stronger!
Laboratory Fact
Laboratory becomes available to be built at Town Hall level 3, and can be upgraded for one more level at each Town Hall level.

Town Hall level 3 = Laboratory level 1 = Allow upgrade Tier 1 Troops to level 2
Town Hall level 4 = Laboratory level 2 = Allow upgrade Tier 2 Troops to level 2
Town Hall level 5 = Laboratory level 3 = Allow upgrade Tier 1 Troops to level 3
Town Hall level 6 = Laboratory level 4 = Allow upgrade Tier 2 Troops to level 3
Town Hall level 7 = Laboratory level 5 = Allow upgrade Troops to level 4, and Tier 3 Troops to level 2
Town Hall level 8 = Laboratory level 6 = Allow upgrade Troops to level 5, and Tier 3 Troops to level 3
Town Hall level 9 = Laboratory level 7 = Allow upgrade some Troops to level 6
Town Hall level 10 = Laboratory level 8 = Allow upgrade Tier 3 Troops to level 4

Clash of Clans

How important I should prioritize and upgrade Laboratory?
  • Without using Gems, you will struggle when you just finish upgrading Town Hall. This is because you move on loot penalty level while has the same level of attacking Troops.
  • Perform research/upgrade in Laboratory is not required free builder. Actually, the one who do research is Alchemist inside Laboratory. 
These are the reasons why you should immediately upgrade Laboratory right after you finish upgrading Town Hall, in order to unlock new upgrade level in Laboratory.
Clash of Clans

Any recommendation on Research Sequence?
Research whatever troops you use the most. If you use mainly Goblins, just research Goblin first. Basic research sequence is Archer, Barbarian, Giant, Wall Breaker and Goblin.

Using your intuition, you never go wrong with research sequence. However, as mentioned about weak troops when you reach new Town Hall level, make sure that you research all troops you use before moving on to next Town Hall level. Upgrade to Town Hall level 8 but has only troops level 3 will suffer badly from loot penalty.
Clash of Clans

Do we need to research Spells?
Unlike Troops, research Spell is not much necessary. Max research everything is ideal, but if you are a farmer, you can skip some Spell research without much disadvantage. If you complete upgrading all troops, we recommend upgrade Lightning, Rage, Heal, Jump, and so on.

How about Balloon, Wizard, Healer, Dragon and P.E.K.K.A?
  • While Balloon and Minion tactics is interesting, you don’t have much chance to use Balloon. Put Balloon in low priority order.
  • Try upgrading Wizard to max level. Wizards are useful all around, even in high trophy range. It's also cheap to donate if you are not in farming session.
  • Healer is nice combination with Giant & Wizard; if you like Healer combo, try upgrading Healer to max level. (After reducing Healer’s housing space to only 14, we found 2 Healers army work well against base with Air Defense weakness. It takes about 30-40 minutes training time which can be a good timing for non-hardcore farmer who want to some chore or work in between attack session.)
  • Dragon is fun flying troops. Max upgrades them; it’s good in high trophy range. Also if you try to max upgrade everything before upgrading Town Hall. You will have Elixir overflow at the end of Town Hall level 7 and 8, this allows you train mass Dragon army overnight. Donate to clan mate, they will always happy with this flying troop, or you can 3 star revenge any bad luck guy in the morning.
  • P.E.K.K.A is similar to Dragon. However, it’s harder to use with normal troop setup and mass P.E.K.K.A is not powerful as mass Dragon. Also 25 housing space is harder to donate to clan mate.
How about Dark Elixir Troops?
  • Minion is great for farming. Upgrade them to max if you like it, otherwise medium priority.
  • Hog Rider is one of hardest troops to use. Upgrade them only if you know how to use the jumping Mr.T.
  • Valkyrie is expensive for farming purpose, low priority.
  • Golem is expensive but has its use with combination of Wizards & P.E.K.K.A. Max them to use in high trophy range.
Defense Tactics for Laboratory placement
Laboratory has very low hit point compared to other buildings. The good thing is it has 4x4 spaces, so you better place them outside Wall 2 space apart to further extend the deployment area of enemy.

Attack Tactics against Laboratory
There is nothing much, just smash through them like a cheese.

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