August Update: Player Profile

Clash of Clans: August Updates V4.120 Player Profile

Brand new Player Profile feature

  • See XP level, league badge and trophy count all in one place
  • Includes achievement progress, clan status, league wins and troop donations
Clash of Clans

Hog Rider rework!
  • The new and improved Hog Rider now targets defenses, allowing new Hog Rider tactics
  • Damage increased: the Hog Rider now packs a heavier punch with his sledge hammer!
  • Hogs now have personal trainers to get them in jumping shape, reducing Hog Rider training time
Training time reduced from 5 to 2 minutes
Hog Rider level 3; Damage per second = 80, Hit Points = 400
Hog Rider level 4; Damage per second = 92, Hit Points = 460
Hog Rider level 5; Damage per second = 105, Hit Points = 525

New spell, unit and building levels
  • Added level 6 Wizard
  • Added level 8 Wizard Tower
  • Added level 4 Freeze Spell
Wizard level 6; Damage per second = 180, Hit Points = 164, Cost = 4000 Elixir
Clash of Clans

Wizard Tower level 8; Damage per second = 48, Hit Points = 880
Upgrade cost = 6,480,000 Gold // 14 Days

Freeze Spell level 4; Duration = 7 seconds, Cost = 33000 Gold

New clan features
  • Trophy requirement to join a clan can now be up to 3600 trophies
  • Added cooldown for Elders kicking out Clan Members
Three of the most challenging, most rewarding achievements yet!
  • League All-Star: push your league progress to the limit and earn our highest ever gem rewards!
  • X-Bow Exterminator: earn gems for taking out those pesky X-Bows
  • Firefighter: destroy the dreaded Inferno Towers and get handsomely rewarded
Clash of Clans

Interface Improvements
  • Replay sharing improved: shared replays now show loot, trophies and can include a custom message
  • Achievement progress is now tracked even after an achievement is fully completed
  • Info screen added for secondary units (Skeleton and Golemite)
  • Chat can scrolled all the way to the top by clicking on the tab above it
Clash of Clans

Game Balance
  • Most League loot bonuses have been increased
  • Decreased cost of Heal, Rage, Jump and Freeze Spells
  • Decreased the Witch’s attack range
  • Decreased training time of Balloon and Wizard (from 10 to 8 minutes)
  • Decreased the upgrade cost of level 3 Freeze Spell
  • Increased heal spell radius from 3.5 to 5 tiles
Clash of Clans

Healing Spell level 5; Cost = 22000 Gold
Rage Spell level 5; Cost = 33000 Gold
Jump Spell level 1; Cost = 23000 Gold

Many smaller fixes and tweaks!
Graphic on Mine and Collector is fixed

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