Dark Barrack

What is Dark Barrack?
Dark Barrack is an extra building for your attack force, in addition to Normal Barrack. Instead of normal Elixir, you use Dark Elixir to train Dark troops from your Dark Barracks, and march them over enemy’s villages.

Since March 2013 updates, Dark Elixir Troops were introduced into the game and allow Town Hall level 7 and above to build Dark Barrack. While Dark Elixir Troops are not versatile like Normal Troops, they have their unique ability which can be powerful in specific circumstance.

For example, Golem has very high hit point as powerful tanker and can withstand huge amount of damage from Defense Buildings. When die, Golem will do splash damage and split itself into 2 Golemites for more tanker capability.

Clash of Clans
The Dark Barracks will open doors for creatures born out of Dark Elixir. Upgrade the barracks to unlock more troops with unique battle skills.
Dark Barrack Fact
Level 1 required Town Hall level 7 / unlock Minion
Level 2 required Town Hall level 7 / unlock Hog Rider
Level 3 required Town Hall level 8 / unlock Valkyrie
Level 4 required Town Hall level 8 / unlock Golem
Level 5 required Town Hall level 9 / unlock Witch

Town Hall level 7 = 1 Dark Barrack
Town Hall level 8 and above = 2 Dark Barracks
Clash of Clans

How important is Dark Barrack / Queuing Troops
Queuing Troops is very important for your attack. When you have 200 or more Army Camp spaces, the time to train your army is divided by 4 Normal Barracks. If you have some Dark Elixir Troops in your army, the training time will be reduced, thus you can do your attack more frequently.

While it’s hard to find a good use of Hog Rider or Valkyrie, most farmers are starting to use Minions more and more. Training only Barbarians, Archers and Minions can reduce total training time to less than 13 minutes for 200 Army Camp spaces. (Training only Barbarians and Archers takes 18.75 minutes for 200 Army Camp spaces.)

High trophy players benefit more from using Dark Elixir Troops. Golem and Witch are powerful by their unique abilities and 2 Dark Barracks also help reduce training time compared to all P.E.K.K.A or all Dragon army.

Defense Tactics for Dark Barrack placement
Dark Barrack has very low hit point similar to Normal Barrack. Better place them outside Wall 2 space apart to further extend the deployment area of enemy.

Attack Tactics for Dark Barrack
There is nothing much, just smash through them like a cheese.

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