News Improved Boosting and Giant Bomb

Dear Clashers,

Improved Boosting
The 1st Anniversary celebration boost is ended, but Boosting is improved: Cheaper & Last longer!
For example, Gold Mines level 11 cost only 11 Gems to get double production for 1 day!
Basically, 3000 x 24 = 72000 Gold for 11 Gems: about 6500 Gold per Gem.

It is decent deal for those who don't have much time to attack/farm, and rely mainly on Gold Mine. On the other hand, if this becomes popular, don't forget to have your Goblin ready for those juicy Mines/Collectors.

Improved Giant Bomb
Giant Bomb is also better: Cheaper & More Damage!.
Cost reduced from 50,000 Gold to 20,000 Gold.

Trophy player can now have stronger defense trap with cheaper cost. Farmer can use it for pure awesomeness! Who not like blowing off groups of ground troops!

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