July Update The Witch Analysis

Tactical Analysis
July Updates The Witch

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The Witch Rock! Especially against Inferno Tower!
Pure and simple! Skeletons can swarm Inferno Tower like never before.

While she is weak by herself alone, her summoned skeletons act as horde of mini-barbarian for both tanker and damage dealer. Few summoning is enough to worth her 12 housing spaces. If she can last long enough to do her bidding, the damage will be devastating. Mass Witch is success against some max Town Hall level 10 bases. This really adds more options to the high trophy tactics attack/defense.

The Witch is also available to Town Hall level 9 players which 1-2 Witches can be used to support the attack in medium trophy range. Look at the trend; it seems that 2 Dark Elixir Troops are available to each Town Hall level which means Town Hall level 9 may get another Dark Elixir Troop while the next one will be exclusively to Town Hall level 10 only.

Clash of Clans

Bye bye Pink Wall?
Say hello to Wall Breaker level 6! 2,400 damage to the Wall means it can one-shot Pink Wall level 6 and 2 of them can destroy Wall level 9. Basically, high trophy players will need at least Wall level 10 to effectively defend against Wall Breaker tactics.

Wall Breaker level 6 is available exclusively to Town Hall 10; this is another good reason to upgrade to Town Hall level 10 for more wall penetration capability. Good thing is farmer don’t have to worry much about that and can continue to farm your way up to max base.

Share your battle tactics
Share your successful and exciting battle replays with your clan members! This is nice addition to game. Not only you can share and learn tactics among clan members, it can be fun to show off your proud attack/defense.

Promote Hog Rider and Valkyrie
Supercell knows how often we use Dark Elixir Troops, and try to promote rarely used troops to the players.

Decreased Hog Rider’s housing space requirement from 6 to 5 is a good start. The problem is Hog Rider still need a little more stat boost and cost reduction otherwise there is not much reason to use him regularly.

Increased Valkyries’s attack damage and decreased Valkyries’s traning cost are decent. While it’s better, she is still not good enough for the real fight. She need more splash radius to actually have more chance to get damage against multiple buildings, or her AI should be coded to lock herself into position to attack 2-3 buildings at once.

More level of Dark Elixir Barracks coming soon?
Decreased the upgrade cost of Dark Barrack is showing that Supercell is really looking into the future….near future. While they promote players to upgrade Dark Barrack, they also plan to have more level of Dark Barrack with reasonable Elixir cost to upgrade.

Speculation for Next Updates
Supercell mentioned July update as the small one because most of them take holiday off. The updates still carry some weight to entertain the players. Therefore, the next update (which isn’t a small one) shall contain new element(s) of the game such as new system or the twist to existing gameplay. The minor thing can be new level of Goblin and Wizard, also new level of Wizard Tower and Mortar.

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