What is the Witch?
Witch is Dark Elixir Troop that has awesome necromancer-style ability. She, by herself alone, is so weak – low hit point and low attack damage. Fortunately, she never fights alone because she can summon skeletons, lots of skeletons if left unchecked. Ultimately, she and her skeletons act as unlimited army of both meat shield and damage dealer.

Witch was introduced along with July 2013 updates, and can be unlocked from Dark Barrack level 5 which is available at Town Hall level 9 and above.

Clash of Clans
The Witch never fights alone, constantly raising dead warriors from past battles to lead her attacks. Upgraded Witches raise more skeletons at atime.
Witch summon skeletons every 6 seconds (Cooldown period)
Witch level 1 summon 3 skeletons at a time; maximum number of skeletons = 6
Witch level 2 summon 4 skeletons at a time; maximum number of skeletons = 8
Clash of Clans

Witch Fact level 1 & level 2
Damage per sec = 25 & 30
Hit points = 75 & 100
Training Cost = 250 & 300 Dark Elixir
Favorite target = Any
Attack range = 5 tiles
Damage type = Area Splash (Splash radius = 0.3 tile)
Targets = Ground & Air
Housing Space = 12
Training Time = 20 minutes
Movement speed = 12

Skeleton Fact
Damage per sec = 25
Hit points = 45
Favorite target = Any
Damage type = Single Target
Targets = Ground
Movement speed = 24
Clash of Clans

Witch A.I. Mechanic
When deployed, Witch will start summon skeletons, noticeably by glowing green magic circle around the Witch. Then, she will target the nearest building similar to Archer. After cooldown period, she will summon another wave of skeletons, and then resume attacking the building.

If no skeleton die, she will keep attacking building and move forward. If some skeletons die, after cooldown period from previous summoning, she will summon skeletons again. Basically, she will keep summon skeletons every cooldown period to reach the maximum number of skeletons available as long as Witch is alive.

Attack Tactics using Witch
1) Protect her at all cost
Deploy other troops to trigger any traps and Hidden Tesla. You don’t want to deploy several Witches just to have all of them killed by Giant Bomb.

2) Supporting role
Mix 2-6 Witches in regular army with Barbarians, Giants or P.E.K.K.A to absorb damage while have Archer and Skeletons do the damage. Deploy Witches after clearing the surroundings; make sure she goes after your main army and not walking around the base and foolishly get killed.

3) Mass Witch
Witch is designed such that a swarm of summoned skeletons can be unstoppable against non-splash defense buildings. She can singlehandedly take down Inferno Tower like never before.

Mass Witch tactic has been tried and successfully 100% destroyed max base. With enough skeletons in the front line, defense buildings will keep target the skeletons and left Witch untouched. Just deploy Witches and let them do the job.

In reality, 20 Witches x 350 Dark Elixir = 7000 Dark Elixir per attack can be too expensive even the hardcore gemmer.

Attack Tactics against Witch in Clan Castle
Always carry at least one Lightning Spell. Attacking base with Clan Castle very deep inside can be worst nightmare if there is Witch inside. Without Lightning Spell, Witch will keep summon skeletons and slow down your attacking force forever.

Defense Tactics against Witch
1) Hidden Tesla and Traps
While you need some luck for this tactics, Hidden Tesla and Trap like Giant Bomb can be placed in the expected position to surprise and take down the Witches.

2) Base Funneling and Spread out Defense Buildings 
Make layout that try to separate Witch and her skeletons. Witch has long range as a good point, but sometimes she walks away from the group and attack an unusual building which is far away than normal.

For example, Moat type base has middle path around the core. Other troops will walk around the core while Witch stop attacking building in the core which can make her exposed to Defense Buildings.

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    1. Yes I have It too but who posts xmodgames on a witch stats page?

  11. Does witch raises skeletons in front of air troops while defending????

  12. Question:Does witch summon unlimited skeleton if they die continuously or first 3 then 3 more and then no more.?which one is it?

    1. they summon 3 and then 3 more. once some of the skeletons die, she summons more. you can just only have a max of 6 skeletons on the map at once per witch at level 1. at level 2 you can have a max of 8 per witch.

  13. No it does not summon skeletons for air troops>neither while attcking

  14. They should make an update where they summon air skeletons

  15. If you search were www.wiki.com you can get stats on all the troops on clash as well. The information here is good but inconclusive. I have gone so far as to copy each players stats off wiki so I can refer back and if forth.

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