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New Town Hall level 10

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New Freeze Spell

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CoC Nov Sneek Peek!

November updates is coming very soon.

Unveil the tiny but scary monster, Goblin level 6!
Never forget your wallet again, nor anyone else's. Level 6 Goblin, the infamous goldmonger, has been spotted in a Village near you!
Brace your Storages with care, most effective farming troop are visiting your village soon.
Level 6 Goblin unlocks on Town Hall level 10!
Clash of Clans

Create Spells with Elixir!
Gold saving innovation in Laboratory!! Spells are soon made with Elixir!
Meet the game changer. Be happy if you have Elixir overflow after complete all other Elixir upgrades.
Clash of Clans

Trap Upgrade
Sick of puny bombs? Soon you can upgrade all of your explosive traps to blow up your foes BIG TIME!!

  • Bombs explode faster
  • All exploding bombs are upgradable
  • Bombs are upgraded individually using builders to maximize potential strategy
  • Traps will be right where you had placed them, so when someone has triggered your traps, you can either re-arm all (one button) OR you can re-arm them individually
  • Initial upgrade levels are unlocked as you get the traps, so this is for almost everyone
  • Final upgrade times are no long in comparison to other upgrades
Clash of Clans

Meet new version of old toy
Archer Tower level 12
Just when you thought Archers couldn't get any hotter, they go and set their arrows on fire!

Continue with the fire & lava theme of Town Hall level 10, Archers on the tower are now shooting fire arrows. Whether the targets are flying lizard or jumping pig, they will all be burned!

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

Speculation on Archer Tower level 12
DPS = 87 damage per second
HP = 780
Upgrade Cost 7,500,000 Gold
Upgrade Time 8 days

New Clan Feature
24 hours Limit
No more spam! This frequently requested addition will help you run your clan. Players who are Kicked out of or Rejected from clans are automatically banned from that clan for 24 hours. Leaders and Elders can Invite banned players.
Clash of Clans

Game Balance
Loot multiplier for 2 or more levels lower Town Hall will be reduced. The biggest effect will be when using Lightning spell on Dark Elixir Storage.
For example, Town Hall level 8 will get less resource attacking Town Hall level 10.

Seeking Air Mines now cost Gold instead of Dark Elixir. Air raid will be harder than before, careful with your army of Dragon, Balloon & Minion!

Hog Rider’s hitpoints were decreased by 5%
Mass Hog Riders is discouraged once again. Can Mr. T and his pig live through this update? Only time will tell.

Check out here later, there're more!

September Update: Village Edit Mode

Clash of Clans: September Updates V5.2 Village Edit Mode

Brand New Feature! Village Edit Mode
Building your base just got so easy. Now you can save your precious time for raiding, building your clan.
  • You can pick up all buildings and walls at once and design your village from a clean slate
  • Quick and precise building placement by dragging from inventory
  • Place many walls at once by selecting a wall piece, then dragging along the wall guide markers
  • Village Edit Mode is unlocked after you reach Town Hall level 4
Easy way to count how many walls you have for total and for each level! Just pick up everything and look in your inventory.

In edit mode, while it says “Save” button, you cannot save any layout for future use. It actually is “Submit” button and your village will automatically use that new layout instead.
Clash of Clans

Halloween is coming!
The Troops are trebling! Spells are flying out of the factory! All you can hear is the flap, flap, flap of wings in the night. Halloween Decorations, traps, and more Spooky stuff are coming to haunt your village.
New Pumpkin bomb for more booms!
Clash of Clans

Halloween special!
Boogeymen at work: for a time, Spell Factory boosting will be vastly longer (12 hours) and for only 1 gem!
Clash of Clans

New Mortar level 8
A ring of bling with a boom to make your ears ring. Run for cover, Chief!
Clash of Clans

Mortar level 8 Fact
DPS = 13 damage per second
HP = 670
Upgrade Cost 6400000 Gold
Upgrade Time 10 days

New clan features
  • New troop request indicator in Clan chat: tap the little green indicator to scroll up/down to the next pending troop request
  • Changed Elder Kick cooldown to be 20 minutes
Game Balance

  • Valkyrie has been lifting weights, brah – Large DPS increase for all levels
Valkyrie level 1 Attack increased from 65 to 88
Valkyrie level 2 Attack increased from 73 to 99
Valkyrie level 3 Attack increased from 82 to
Valkyrie level 4 Attack increased from 92 to 124
  • Increased hitpoints & damage of level 6 Giant
  • Increase hitpoints and heal of Healer (level 3 and 4)
  • Slightly decreased hitpoints of Hog Rider (all levels)
Many smaller fixes and tweaks!
Dark Elixir loot is now properly displayed in replay result screen
Reskin for Lightning spell (Bats circling around the target)

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