Giant Bomb

What is Giant Bomb?
Giant Bomb is the bigger and deadlier version of Bomb. It is a bit expensive to use but the damage and damage radius are really worth the cost. With November 2013 updates, you can upgrade your Giant Bomb for more damage output and bigger damage radius.

Clash of Clans Trap
When you’re looking for a Big Boom, you need the Giant Bomb.
Giant Bomb level 1-2 / level 3-4

Similar to Bomb, Giant Bomb stays hidden until enemy walk close to it. When enemy reach Giant Bomb’s trigger radius, it appears and shortly explode itself dealing huge amount of damage in an area around itself.
Clash of Clans Trap

 Giant Bomb Fact
Trigger radius = 2 Tiles
Damage type = Area Splash
Favorite Target = Any
Targets = Ground
Clash of Clans Trap

Giant Bomb is great to use for the battle between high level Town Halls, it can instantly kill any small troops including Wizard. It also helps reduce some hit points of Giant group which makes your defense buildings to kill them off faster.

Defense Tactics for Giant Bomb

1) Outside you base
Place Giant Bomb outside you Wall help kill some incoming attacker before they can reach your base. The risk is that it will be useless to trigger by lone Barbarian or Archer that just walking pass.

2) Behind first layer of Wall
When attacker breakthrough the Wall, the troop will be funneled together. One big boom is generally good enough to weaken attacker’s army.

3) Key location
Place near Town Hall if you care about trophy. Place near Storage if you want to wipe out horde of Goblin. Sometimes, place Giant Bomb near key defense building like Inferno Tower or X-Bow is also good to protect them from getting swarmed by tier 1 troops.

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