CoC Jul 2014 Sneak Peek!

Yay!!! It's time for the Sneak Peek.
You will be SHOCKED! because...

Heroes Changes!!
Our Heroes remain at your service, Chief! But this time, with stronger abilities, readjusted strengths and smarter defending. The King and Queen are now much smarter on defense, have distinct strengths and weaknesses, and their abilities are more important than ever.

1. Heroes can no longer be lured out to some corner of the village and get smashed there. Now, they will become like a defensive building (they're still not defenses, they will not be targeted as such) and will only attack troops that step inside their territory; if a troop tries to lure them out of that territory, they will retreat.

2. Hit points and damage for the Queen and hit points for the King have been slightly increased at lower levels. However, hero hit points and damage have been decreased at higher levels in order to balance heroes on defense and allow for stronger abilities.

3. Hero Abilities now improve much more significantly with each new ability level so the best way to make your hero stronger when attacking is to increase their ability level!

Clash of Clans

Barbarian King
  • His damage has been reduced, but he now can heal himself greatly when using the Iron Fist ability (the health points being increased upon the activation of his ability). 
  • The Barbarian horde summoned by Iron Fist has doubled in size to cause even more mayhem.
  • Use Iron Fist at the right time to help the King take more damage than he ever could before
Archer Queen
  • Her hit points have been reduced in later levels, but the Queen now gains a tremendous damage boost while her Royal Cloak ability is active.
  • The duration of Royal Cloak has been greatly increased in lower levels to help make sure the Queen has enough time to land her most powerful of shots.
  • Use Royal Cloak at the right time to help the Queen hit important targets harder than she ever could before!
P.E.K.K.A level 5 is here!
Chief, take shelter! P.E.K.K.A level 5 is here to wreak havoc and those swords have never been sharper!
Clash of Clans

Jump Spell more effective!
New Jump Spell level 3 has been brewed! Regardless of the level, this Spell will now affect ALL troops deployed, even those outside its radius. Plus, it will now cause troops to redirect themselves immediately if it opens up a more advantageous rout close by, no more wandering about.
Clash of Clans

Spell duration = 60 seconds

Cast Jump Spell near enemy walls to create a route straight over them. Basically, units will ignore the walls as if nothing is there.
Clash of Clans

Valkyrie, the Wild Whirlwind!
She felt underachieved so we gave her some more training and a new skill was born.
Reintroducing the Valkyrie, with her mighty axe she will now attack multiple targets that are placed close to each other.
Clash of Clans

Hidden Tesla level 8 coming soon!!!
Get ready to SHOCK your enemies.
Clash of Clans
Fast and Efficient Defense!
Damage per second = 99
Hit points = 850
Clash of Clans

Update Features
- You can now copy your current village layout to your Clan War base with one button!
- Spot new button! You can now re-arm your traps and reload all your defenses easily by tapping your Town Hall.
- Troops now work together to break through walls, targeting similar wall pieces instead of lots of different ones!
- Hog Riders now take increased damage from Giant Bombs.

Stay tuned!
Updates coming!


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