Analysis & Speculation Town Hall 11 Updates

Analysis & Speculation
New Updates Town Hall 11

Is it worth to go to Town Hall 11 now?

Top player have to upgrade to Town Hall 11 because they are at max Town Hall 10. Improvement of New Hero and potential troop upgrades, along with New Falcon Defense Building, will definitely help on both attack and defense in trophy race and clan war.
New Updates

How about normal player or typical farmer? 

Don’t rush yourself because the loot penalty will affect your resource earning rate. At Town Hall 11, easy Town Hall 9 comes with 50% loot penalty. It will be hard to find good resources from Town Hall 10, and most of the time you have to fight against triple X-Bow and dual Inferno Tower.

Don’t get fooled by new awesome Defense as same as lots of premature Town Hall 10 get lured by Inferno Tower. Unless you stay in the high league and earn loot from league bonus, wait until you are mature Town Hall 10 before move up to Town Hall 11 for additional upgrades.

So Town Hall 11 only gives access to only New Hero and Falcon Defense? 

Yes, it is…….for now. In the next few months, there will be lot of goodies for Town Hall 11.


Troop upgrades for Town Hall 11 are inevitable. The reason is that troop upgrades are needed to combat with additional Defense of Town Hall 11.

Wall Breaker level 7 is required if there is Wall level 12.
Balloon and Minion level 7 will be good addition to the Air attack tactics.
Wizard level 7 should be added in the future for GoWiPe and GoWiWi army.
Hog Rider level 6 and Valkyrie level 5 will make clasher want to try and use them more often.
Witch level 3 and Rage spell level 6 are good candidates too.

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