Dark Spell Factory

What is Dark Spell Factory?

Spell Factory is the support building to enhance your attack. You can spend Dark Elixir to create Dark Spells which can be used against defense troops, buildings or support your army.

Dark Spell Factory
Only the most brilliant or reckless Master Wizards dabble in Dark Elixir brewery. Their compact Dark Spells require keen insight to master, but provide unique tactical advantages.

Dark Spell Factory Fact

Dark Spell Factory becomes available to be built at Town Hall level 8, and can be upgraded at each Town Hall level onward. Dark Spell Factory adds one spell storage capacity to the total spell storage capacity.

Town Hall level 8 = Dark Spell Factory level 1 = Allow to create Poison Spell
Town Hall level 9 = Dark Spell Factory level 2 = Allow to create Earthquake Spell
Town Hall level 10 = Dark Spell Factory level 3 = Allow to create Haste Spell

Dark Spell Factory
At least, you get 1 extra spell space, 1 poison spell often becomes handy to deal with enemy Clan Castle Troops or Heroes.
Dark Spell Factory
Dark Spell Brewing/Creating Screen

How important I should prioritize to build and upgrade Dark Spell Factory?

Dark Spells take up only one space in spell storage compared to Elixir Spells take up two spaces. This make Dark Spell somehow cheaper to use and give you more flexibility to which spells you can carry to the battle.

Trophy player should focus on upgrading Dark Spell Factory because it allows you to store more spell and give you access to new Dark Spell.

Defense Tactics for Spell Factory placement

Dark Spell Factory has very low hit point compared to other buildings. Just place them outside Wall.

Attack Tactics against Dark Spell Factory

There is nothing much, just smash through them like a cheese.

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