Earthquake Spell

What is Dark Spell?

From the Dark Spell Factory, you can create powerful spells that can be used when attacking enemy villages.

Do we need to use spell in the battle?

You don’t have to use spell in the battle. But at the expense of some Dark Elixir, you can use these powerful Dark Spells to turn the tide of battle in your favor! Practice and you shall master!

When you upgrade Dark Spell Factory to level 2, you gain access to the second dark spell of the game: Earthquake Spell. While Poison spell is similar to Lightning spell to deal with enemy Troops, Earthquake spell is used to damage Buildings and destroy Walls, it is like a combination of Lightning spell and Jump spell, all in one.
Clash of Clans Tactics
Weaken walls and buildings with crippling earthquakes!
Earthquake Spells damage structures based on their maximum hitpoints. Repeated earthquakes deal decreasing damage to the same buildings, but increasing damage to the same Walls. No wall can withstand the might of four Earthquake Spells!

Clash of Clans Tactics

Earthquake Spell Fact

Damage type = Area Splash (4 tiles)
Spell housing space = 1
Time to create = 15 minutes
Targets = Buildings & Walls
Favorite target = Walls

Earthquake Spell level 1/2/3/4
Damage = 14%/17%/21%/25%
Cost = 125/140/160/180 Dark Elixir

The second Earthquake spell on the same building will deal only 1/3 of the damage of the first Earthquake spell. The third will do 1/5 of the damage, the fourth will do 1/7 of the damage and so on.

4 Earthquake spells (any level), can take down Walls (any level).

Attack Tactics for Earthquake Spell

1) Damage Buildings especially high hitpoint building
1 Earthquake spell level 4 can damage 25% hitpoint of the buildings. Effective on key buildings such as Inferno Tower, X-Bow.

2) Destroy Walls
It is 100% guarantee tactic to use 4 Earthquake spells to destroy sections of Walls. No need to carry Wall Breakers and/or risk failed from dead Wall Breakers. Earthquake spell also provide permanent path into the base compared to Jump spell which will run out of time.

3) Finish off the building
In a rare case that you run out of troops and need to destroy few more buildings to obtain 50% victory star, Earthquake spell can come in handy for you.

Defense Tactics against Earthquake Spell

1) Separate high hitpoint buildings
Not having high hitpoint buildings close together help avoid damage effect from Earthquake spell.

2) Separate section of Walls
Since the introduction of Earthquake spell, tight base layout and small box of Walls becomes a weak layout. More than 4 tiles separation is perfect counter tactic against Earthquake and also Jump spell.

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  3. The quake to finish of buildings is a lie! No quake will destroy a building. Always drop a quake first to get max damage and then use lightning to kill a building.

  4. The quake to finish of buildings is a lie! No quake will destroy a building. Always drop a quake first to get max damage and then use lightning to kill a building.

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