Haste Spell

What is Dark Spell?

From the Dark Spell Factory, you can create powerful spells that can be used when attacking enemy villages.

Do we need to use spell in the battle?

You don’t have to use spell in the battle. But at the expense of some Dark Elixir, you can use these powerful Dark Spells to turn the tide of battle in your favor! Practice and you shall master!

When you upgrade Dark Spell Factory to level 3, you gain access to the third dark spell of the game: Haste Spell. Haste spell is very similar to Rage spell except the damage effect boost.
Clash of Clans Tactics

Put some hustle in even your heaviest units!
Haste Spells lack the damage boost of Rage Spells, but provide an even better boost to movement speed. A lower storage space also allows you to take more of them into battle!
Clash of Clans Tactics

Haste Spell Fact

Damage type = Area Splash (4 tiles)
Spell housing space = 1
Time to create = 15 minutes
Targets = Ground & Air

Haste Spell level 1/2/3/4
Speed increase = 28, 34, 40, 46
Spell Duration = 10/15/20/25 seconds
Cost = 80/85/90/95 Dark Elixir

Haste Spells do not stack, place 2 of them in the same location give effect of only 1 Haste Spell.

Attack Tactics for Haste Spell

1) Enhance slow troops
Slow troops such as Dragon, P.E.K.K.A especially Balloon are good target for Haste spell. Balloon army can carry more Haste spell than Rage spell and give more room for Healing and Freeze spell if needed.

Defense Tactics against Haste Spell

1) Base Segmentation
There is not much tactics you can do to defend against well-placed Haste Spell. Using Walls to create segments as much as possible will help delay the troops.

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