Bug Fixes & Optional Update 24 Mar

Maintenance 24 Mar - Update tweaks & fixes

  • Healer's heal rate on Heroes will revert to normal values (unintentionally set to 70%, will revert it to the usual 50%)
  • Fixes cases where Heroes are not triggering traps
  • War Matchmaking tweaks (clans that have been in matchmaking for an unusually long time)
  • Valkyries balancing: decreased HP for levels 2-4 (respectively: 825>800, 910>850 and 1000>900). Level 1 and 5 remain unchanged.
  • War replay discrepancies: fixed cases where the result of the attack (stars/damage) is different in live and replay
  • Fixed Win Streak value for certain clans that had it at zero incorrectly
  • Notifications on multidevices work again
Bug Fixes

Optional Update - Visual Improvements and Crash Fix

  • War base edit mode crash when pressing "cancel" is now fixed
  • Air Defense graphics have been tweaked: they're easier to spot now and to identify each level
  • War Events screen: old and new Stars are now more clear and easy to read
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