Clash of Clans Mar 2016 Sneak Peek!

Welcome to Clash of Clans Mar 2016 Update SNEAK PEEK!

Introducing New Dark Troop - Bowler!

Upgrade Dark Barrack to level 7 to unlock "Bowler".

Sneak Peek

  • Ranged & Area Splash
  • Ground only
  • Double strike hit - throwing boulders to the target & bounce off hitting again behind it

Meet New Defense Levels - Inferno Tower & Mortar!

  • Inferno Tower level 4
  • Mortar level 9
  • Visual change for Air Defense
  • Visual change for Heroes Altar
New Update

New Troop Levels - Valkyrie & Hog Rider & Goblin!

Sneak Peek

  • Valkyrie level 5
  • Hog Rider level 6
  • Goblin level 7

Balancing Blog Series: March 2016 Update

Each update will now be accompanied by an in-depth explanation of the gameplay changes.
Full details here!

Stay tuned!
New Update coming!

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  1. Clash of clans is a game that is bound to keep you busy for hours. Mar 2016 sneak peek has gotten me all excited for its release .cant wait!

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